Tamarac's Flood Management Efforts Pay Off

Tamarac's rigorous flood prevention and stormwater management efforts not only reduce flood risks, but they also result in a 20 percent discount on mandatory flood insurance, thanks to the City's Class 6 rating by the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System (CRS).

Tamarac's Class 6 Flood Insurance Program Rating Pays Off

Tamarac has held its valuable CRS rating since 2011 and works diligently to retain it. Every year, the City publishes an annual progress report that is available on www.tamarac.org. It outlines the City’s efforts to maintain the following water systems and roadways:

  • Approximately 527 acres of open waterways
  • 82 miles of drainage pipes and 4,662 catch basins
  • Approximately 137 miles of paved roadways
  • Three stormwater pump stations

Statistics show that all homes have a 26 percent chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30-year mortgage – whether they’re in a flood zone or not. That’s why the City encourages residents and businesses to learn about flood hazards and protections and to carry flood insurance, even if they aren’t required to do so. Properties outside the flood zones are eligible for lower-cost preferred-risk policies.

​Tamarac distributes an annual flood protection brochure in its Tam-A-Gram magazine and provides a wealth of flood information online. This includes the latest Flood Insurance Rate Map and links to the Broward County FEMA Flood Map, the National Flood Insurance Program, the South Florida Water Management district and more. Just visit www.tamarac.org/flood.


Tamarac covers a 12-square-mile area in western Broward County and is home to more than 65,000 residents and approximately 2,000 businesses. Ideally situated, Tamarac provides easy access to highways, railways, airports and waterways, and a wealth of cultural and sports activities. Tamarac’s median age continues to grow younger and the population more diverse, as people recognize the City as a great place to spend their lives. For more information, visit www.Tamarac.org or contact Elise Boston at (954) 597-3523 (Elise.Boston@Tamarac.org) or Sue Siebert at (954) 597-3518 (Sue.Siebert@Tamarac.org) at the City of Tamarac's Public Information Office. 

Source: City of Tamarac


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