Talk About Everyday Experiences In A Powerful Way With Intentional Storyteller Tsara Shelton

Narrative and stories are thrown at people from all directions. It's easy to accept them and forget the power that they have. Yet with simple shifts Tsara Shelton suggests people can take advantage of that power by telling stories with purpose. Practicing intentional storytelling can make individuals and whole families happier and smarter.

Whether telling a spouse about the day, chatting with co-workers about politics, or sharing ideas with kids at the dinner table, everyone is a storyteller. Tsara Shelton, author of Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself: A Collection of Stories that Slowly Grow Up, suggests that by telling stories with purpose lives can be changed. 

"The difference between telling a friend why the day was horrible vs telling that friend what was learned from a rough day, seems small at first. But it's huge. The entire mood and conversation is given a new trajectory. From a possible pity party or competition for 'worst day' to an adventurous hunt for answers or laughs in a rough situation." According to Tsara, this is only the beginning.

Rather awesome to find such an author who understands that stories are fundamental to the way we process and experience life events and the feelings that surround them.

Relena Preble , Reader

"People experience their days in the way they tell them. As intentional storytelling becomes a habit—assuming the intentions are healthy ones—individuals and families grow happier and smarter. Which, in turn, encourages those close to them to do the same."

"There is so much room for diversity in this!" Tsara continues. "Not just regarding cultures and beliefs, but in style and mood as well. A 'bubbly' or 'upbeat' attitude isn't necessary. Strong, quiet, silly, passionate, and intense storytellers are welcome and necessary. Each person has a valuable and unique style."

People are never not growing up or telling stories. There is so much power and possibility when insisting on doing it with purpose and intention.

"Storytellers are powerful, and everyone is a storyteller."

To explore the potential and possibilities of telling stories with intention read Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself, or contact the author for an interview.

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Tsara Shelton is an avid writer & coffee sipper. She writes articles and opinion pieces for publications around the web. Her first book, Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself, is a collection of these stories that mature over time.

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