Talexes Named One of Top Ten Performance Management Solutions of 2018

Local employee assessment provider makes HRTech Outlook's Top Ten List of 2018

Talexes LLC., an employee assessment provider, nestled in the heart of Texas, is honored today to announce their acceptance into HRTech Outlook’s Top Ten Performance Management Providers of 2018. This news follows many improvements to the Talassure product line and is a welcome recognition of their mission to continuously strive to provide the absolute best in quality in their line of employee assessments.

From a thriving young business, Talexes has taken the employee assessment world by storm with their innovative improvements to the matured assessment industry. Most assessment providers still live in the realm of the 90’s-00’s, providing lengthy, cumbersome assessments with weakening statistical significance. Talexes has turned the assessment world on its head, providing impactful statistical correlations in a shorter, sleeker, assessment. In addition, Talexes has ensured that today’s generations, with their reliance on technology, do not feel burdened by the necessity of the assessments. With texting capability, complete mobile compatibility, and shorter assessment completion times, Talexes has taken a fresh approach to a technology that has seen little development over the past 20 years.

These improvements have not gone unnoticed. HRTech Outlook, an online and print publication covering new and exciting developments in the world of human resources technology, took notice of Talexes’ commitment to improving the sphere of employee assessments and their effect on employee performance. In their annual “Top Ten” search, Talexes was singled out as an organization that has continuously demonstrated their will and ability to improve the performance management landscape. In their interview with Talexes CEO and Founder, Joe Kistner says, “We firmly believe that if any company focuses on the growth and success of its people, organizational growth will naturally follow.” This mentality, combined with the determination on the part of the Talexes team to provide the best possible client and user experiences, made Talexes a shoo-in for the Top Ten accolade. We look forward to watching Talexes continue to grow and improve and are certain that more recognition is soon to follow.

To view the magazine and the Talexes special on page 24, please feel free to follow this link - https://www.hrtechoutlook.com/magazines/July2018/Performance_Management.

To learn more about Talexes and their suite of employee assessment solutions, interested parties can visit www.Talexes.com.


Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Talexes provides workforce assessments for upper-level, mid-level, and entry-level employees. The company’s Talassure assessment products enable business leaders and human resources professionals to attract, onboard, engage and retain their most valuable talent. In addition to job matching and job fit capabilities, Talassure helps organizations identify and empower high potentials, engage in succession planning, and improve leadership development activities. Talexes delivers these solutions through its Alliance Partners, a nationwide network of talent solutions professionals.

Source: Talexes LLC.