Talexes Expands to Saudi Arabia and Beyond

Local Assessment Company Partners with Middle Eastern Human Resources Company

​Local employee assessment company Talexes welcomes a partnership with Saudi Arabian-based company Professionals for Human Resources Development (PHRD). This news comes on the tail of exciting growth at Talexes, giving the team a reason to celebrate as it enter the new year. The partnership will mark the first foray into Arabic-speaking countries for Talexes, and will facilitate exciting opportunities in the American market for PHRD. With common goals and a similar vision, the two seem destined for a powerhouse partnership.

Professionals for Human Resources Development provides total integrated human resources development solutions covering various managerial disciplines on both the individual and corporate levels, as well as providing a cutting-edge suite of organizational development solutions. Their customized solutions, bolstered by in-depth local experience and international best practices, are provided through a diverse portfolio of partnerships both domestically and abroad. Hood Al Aidarus, the Vice President of PHRD, understands the need for the development of human capital perhaps better than anyone in his region. “Today’s organizations are awash in a sea of continuous change and new skills are needed from the front-line to the C-level. HR professionals who can infuse an assessment, and/or coaching mindset and skills throughout their organization can create opportunities for development at every level of the organization.” With a variety of partners and applicability among diverse industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, and aviation, and with a core set of values that promotes professionalism, integrity, ownership, innovation, focus on clients, and commitment, PHRD maintains the highest level of quality and professionalism in the middle eastern Human Resources industry.

Talexes hopes the partnership with PHRD will provide more opportunities for companies across the globe to utilize quality pre-employment assessments in order to improve the various aspects of talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development. CEO Joe Kistner boasts over 25 years in the assessment industry, and looks forward to the potential that’s inherent in the partnership. “Though we are, of course, thrilled to expand our international footprint from the States, Australia, and South America to include the Middle East, our relationship with PHRD is exciting for many reasons. We share a common vision, and agree that there is intrinsic value in our assessment tools for companies struggling to create a hiring process that consistently produces high-performing members of the workforce. The similarity in our goals gives me high hopes for the future of the relationship between Talexes and PHRD.”

For more information about Talexes, visit the Talexes website at www.talexes.com. For more information on PHRD, visit their website at www.professionals.edu.sa.


Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Talexes provides workforce assessments for upper-level, mid-level, and entry-level employees. The company’s Talassure assessment products enable business leaders and human resources professionals to attract, onboard, engage, and retain their most valuable talent. In addition to job matching and job fit capabilities, Talassure helps organizations identify and empower high potentials, engage in succession planning, and improve leadership development activities. Talexes delivers these solutions through its Alliance Partners, a nationwide network of talent solutions professionals.

Source: Talexes