Taiger's CEO recently shared his insights on the current and future developments of Generative AI at a fireside chat hosted by ICEX

Taiger's Founder and CEO, Sinuhe Arroyo, recently shared his insights on the current and future developments of Generative AI at a fireside chat hosted by ICEX Head of the Spanish Trade Commission, Antonio Garcia Rebollar, at the Spanish Embassy in Singapore on 28th April.The event was organized by the Spanish Professional International Network (SPIN) part of the Spanish Association of Singapore (AES).

Dr. Arroyo is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions using Generative AI, a technology that is rapidly transforming various industries around the world.

During the fireside chat, Dr. Arroyo discussed the state-of-the-art developments in Generative AI and how this technology is already changing the way we live and work. He highlighted how this technology can help businesses automate various processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Dr. Arroyo also discussed the potential impact of Generative AI on various industries such as healthcare, finance, and education. He emphasized that the technology could be used to analyze large amounts of data quickly, enabling better decision-making and improved outcomes.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Arroyo said, "It was an honor to share my thoughts on the future of Generative AI. This technology is already changing the way we work, and I am excited to see how it will shape the world in the years to come."

The event was well-attended, and attendees had the opportunity to network, comment and share their views. It provided an excellent platform for individuals and businesses to learn more about the potential of Generative AI and how it could be used to create a better future.

About Taiger

Taiger offers the first behind-firewall Generative & Predictive AI-based solution to automatically classify documents and convert unstructured information into structured data. We help corporations optimize middle and back-office operation, removing the need for large teams of clerks, boosting operational efficiency, at a reasonable price, while complying with ongoing security and privacy regulations. Key application areas include Powers of Attorney, Bills of Lading, Mortgages or Loans, etc. Some of the world's top financial and legal institutions, including Banco Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Banregio or Garrigues already rely on Taiger to automate their document processing operations. Learn more about TAIGER at taiger.com.

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