TAIGER Unveils Omnitive IDP the Generative AI Platform for Enhanced Document Automation

Singapore-based deep tech software vendor TAIGER has unveiled the latest version of Omnitive IDP, a powerful Generative AI platform designed to bring document automation behind the corporate firewall at a reasonable price.

The platform which has been designed to meet the unique needs of the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), as well as Legal sectors, unlocks unattainable levels of operational efficiency and productivity through its cutting-edge document classification and data-point extraction capabilities.

Omnitive IDP now features the latest Generative AI technology, which makes it easier than ever to automate complex cognitive tasks. The no-code capability, which can understand any document in up to 94 languages, allows customers to create tests and deploy their own models in just minutes.

According to Dr. Sinuhé Arroyo, Founder and CEO of TAIGER and Executive MBA by Chicago Booth, "We are on a mission to free the corporate human intellect through Generative AI. Our latest revolution allows customers to unlock its power and convert unstructured information into structured data, while observing mission-critical privacy and security regulations."

TAIGER is the first vendor to deploy Generative AI-based tools for document automation behind the corporate firewall at a reasonable cost. Back in 2020, the company replaced its entire tech backbone, pivoting into the world of Generative AI. A bold move that today has placed Taiger at the forefront of the AI era.

About Taiger
Taiger offers the first behind-firewall Generative AI-based solution to automatically classify documents and convert unstructured information into structured data, helping corporations to boost operational efficiency, at a reasonable cost, while complying with ongoing security and privacy regulations.

Taiger automates document processing for the middle and back office, such as Powers of Attorney, Bills of Lading, Mortgages or Loan origination, which have traditionally been performed manually by large teams of clerks, who manually classify, read, extract, validate, recognise and input data into corporate databases.

Some of the world's top financial and legal institutions, including Banco Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Banregio or Garrigues already rely on Taiger to automate their document processing operations. Learn more about Taiger at taiger.com.

Source: TAIGER