Syracuse and Michigan State Football Launch Unique Digital Signature NFTs

Syracuse Signature Kickoff Collection - Out Now!

Fantastec SWAP, a pioneer in the sports NFT sector, launched a unique limited edition of digital signature NFTs for both Syracuse and Michigan State football teams today.

  • First-of-its-kind digital signature NFTs previously proven in European Soccer.
  • A high-tech response to provide genuine and authenticated sports star signatures.
  • Limited Editions featuring Syracuse and Michigan State Football players are out now.

"As we head into the kickoff of the football season, we wanted to get these very distinctive signature NFTs into the hands of sports fans across the country and around the world," commented Steve Madincea, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd. "The student-athletes at both schools told us this was one of the best things they have ever done for their fans." 

Each athlete was captured using a 4K video to create their signature on the very high-spec glass. Then each athlete had their digital signature authenticated on the Flow blockchain with a timestamp and date from the exclusive Fantastec SWAP NFT content capture days at each school.

"Our tech and product teams wanted to create a positive process to ensure global sports fans always received a beautiful and authenticated sports star signature. Our exclusive digital signature methodology provides all sports fans, even those that may live thousands of miles away, the confidence any digital signature NFT is true and genuine. Plus, you get the joy of watching your favorite football star sign your NFT with energy and enthusiasm. Should you ever decide to sell your NFT digital autograph, the next purchasers can also have the same confidence you had as the first buyer of these remarkable NFTs, thanks to being validated on the Flow blockchain," Madincea explained. 

The NFTs come in packs of four and are immediately available after downloading the Fantastec SWAP APP from any APP store. The European soccer player digital autographs, previously created by Fantastec SWAP, are the most sought-after NFTs on the SWAP secondary market, with several seeking six figures for these uncompromised limited editions. 

 About Fantastec SWAP: Fantastec SWAP crafts authentic NFTs for sports fans. SWAP's unique end-to-end NFT production process incorporates the curation of magical moments, consumer testing for design variants, NFT crafting at different scarcity levels, engineering smart contracts incorporating vital compliance issues, and minting on the Flow blockchain. Since February 2019, SWAP has created over 2 million official NFTs for sports stars and fans in 200+ territories and countries. SWAP began life via American Entrepreneur Steve Madincea and British product creator Simon Woollard in London, England. It now boasts U.S. and U.K. personnel, allowing SWAP to produce NFTs and engage with sports fans 24/7. For further information about Fantastec SWAP, please visit or download the Fantastec SWAP app at any app store. For further information, contact: Muskaan Paintal

Source: Fantastec

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