Michigan Wolverines and Fantastec SWAP Create Unique Digital collectibles/NFTs

Michigan Wolverines and Fantastec SWAP create unique digital collectibles/NFTs

Fantastec SWAP has done it again by signing on another Big Ten powerhouse, the University of Michigan athletic teams. Wolverine fans can collect NFTs of memorable 22/23 season sports moments via one click on their phone and use them to win valued prizes and experiences.

  • Limited Editions featuring over 100 Michigan Football players out now.
  • All Michigan Wolverine student-athletes are eligible for unique sports collections.
  • Free digital collectible/NFT packs including 2021 Championship Moments after app download.

"Michigan has such a rich sporting tradition we knew they were going to be one of the select few universities we will host on our award-winning digital collectibles/NFT platform," commented Steve Madincea, Co-Founder of Fantastec, the pioneering tech company behind Fantastec SWAP.

"We have made the fan experience via our app super smooth and uber-easy to navigate. After downloading our SWAP app, Michigan fans receive free packs of NFTs with some from last year's Big Ten Championship team. This allows fans to explore our collections, features, and utilities on their phone. They can start a micro-collection and take on a quest or an instant reward challenge to win one of our many unique prizes. During testing with students, alumni, and fans, they told us what digital, physical, and experiential prizes are most valuable to them. Throughout the year, SWAP fans will have multiple opportunities to win these distinct prizes," Madincea continued. 

"Last season's Championship year was incredibly special for Michigan football fans. So, we thought it was appropriate to provide some player profiles from last season as free digital collectibles/NFTs when Michigan fans sign onto our app. This gives fans the opportunity to explore the many excellent features within our app, which we are adding to all the time. In addition, they will be able to start their own unique NFT collections with some very valued moments from last season's Championship team," Madincea explained.

SWAP will be launching in-season football team collections involving 100+ players from this year's team. Other Michigan sports team collections will be launched throughout the year. The multi-player packs are immediately available after downloading the Fantastec SWAP app from any App store.

About Fantastec SWAP: Fantastec SWAP crafts authentic NFTs for sports fans. Current NCAA schools on the platform include Syracuse, Michigan State, Illinois, and Michigan. SWAP's unique end-to-end NFT production process incorporates the curation of magical moments, NFT crafting at different scarcity levels, engineering smart contracts incorporating vital compliance issues and minting on the Flow blockchain. Flow is the most carbon-friendly Web3 network and home to NBA Top Shot, NFL All-Day and a host of other top sports NFT collections. Since February 2019 SWAP has created over 2 million official NFTs for sports stars and fans in 200+ territories and countries. For further information about Fantastec SWAP, please visit www.fantastec-swap.io or download the Fantastec SWAP app. For further information contact: Muskaan Paintal, muskaan@fantastec.io

Source: Fantastec