Sylvi a Lo's and Infectious Energy Gets Jain University Grooving at Its Dance Festival Pulse

School of Commerce Studies, Jain University organized Samyoga, Samanvaya and Pulse 2016.

Mild tremors were felt on the walls as they took a pounding from the amped up boom boxes blaring music at Jain University’s dance extravaganza, Pulse. The young audience splashed in a swarm of colors expended nervous energy as they eagerly anticipated the performance of the day. Sylvia Lo, the Indonesian dance sensation did not disappoint them as she swayed and gyrated to the beats and gave a full throttle performance that sent the young crowd to rapturous delirium. Amidst the frenzy, she had an important message to convey to the audience. “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and never do drugs,” said Sylvia to wild cheers. “Stay healthy and keep dancing! I congratulate all the participants who dared to perform and compete in this event,” she added.

The dance festival was not all about western dancing, as competitors danced to the rhythm of Indian music, performing classical dance forms and Bollywood numbers. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, the cine actor, and Paul Marshal, the popular Dance India Dance contestant and choreographer, were the judges for the events apart from Sylvia Lo. Paul Marshal’s performance was the icing on the cake, as he enthralled the onlookers with his hip-hop number. RJ Rakesh and his team from Red FM 93.5 spiced up the festive atmosphere even further with their games and goodies. Pulse was not the only event to attract the attention though as the run-up to it was marked by Samyoga and Samanvaya, the cultural and management festivals of Jain University. Organized by the Cultural and Commerce forums of School of Commerce Studies, Jain University, these festivals attracted some of the most creative as well as astute minds from top educational institutions in Bangalore.
Samyoga, the cultural event, saw active participation from the students in a potpourri competitions ranging from beat boxing to personality test. Ranbir Singh, first-year B.Com. student in Jain University rated the personality test high on the list of things he liked about the festival. “The way the judge, Praveen Raj of The Improv fame, was throwing challenges on-the-go at the participants was a little different from what we see normally in competitions of this nature. At one point, he asked the competitors to imitate the inner animal in them on stage,” said Ranbir giving his thumbs up to Samyoga. Raghav Bhawsinka of Christ University, one of the finalists in the personality test seconded Ranbir’s opinion. “I loved the enthusiasm of the spectators. The events were conducted seamlessly and I absolutely loved the fest,” he said.
Athira Menon, a B.Com. student from Jain University was one of the coordinators of Samanvaya, the management festival conducted simultaneously by the Commerce Forum of School of Commerce Studies, Jain University. “The theme of Corporate Imperialism that we set for the contestants is exclusive to Samanvaya. I don’t think any other management festivals have dabbled with this concept of corporate executives running the day-to-day affairs of a small nation,” said Athira, explaining the distinctive qualities of the management fest.

The other major highlight of Samyoga and Samanvaya was the performance by “The Improv”, who entertained the audience with their improvised and impromptu humour. The entire team had the audience in splits with their rib-tickling jokes and situational comedies. Overall, Samyoga and Samanvaya, provided the rare combination of culture and commerce backing each other and giving hope to the artistic and business aspirations of young competitors​.

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