Hollywood Scriptwriter Michael Baser Conducts Screenwriting Sessions at Jain University

To help students to evolve high-level concepts and dive into the granular aspects of 3D design and script writing, Department of Animation, Jain University in association with Vancouver Film School, Canada organized a two day workshop.

“Predictable is the equivalent of death in storytelling,” said Rodger Cove, the eminent Canadian scriptwriter speaking to the students of Jain University while conducting a session on the finer nuances of scriptwriting. Michael Baser, the renowned Hollywood scriptwriter, nodded in agreement and added, “A good writer makes the audience fill in the blanks. He/she never speaks of the obvious.” They were here in India in their capacity as faculty members of the Vancouver Film School, Canada, to conduct a two-day seminar on Writing for Film and Television for the students of the Department of Animation, Jain University, on 22 and 23 February 2016.

Along with them—Mike Monkes and Mike Hayes—3D Animation & Visual Effects instructors from the Vancouver Film School, conducted a two-day seminar on 3D Art and Animation at Jain University for the Animation students. “Timing is everything in the world of Animation,” said Mike Monkes, at the start of the session on 3D modelling. Mike stressed on the relevance of meeting deadlines and improving production speeds. “Cheating is usually looked upon as very bad in the normal world, but in animation, ethical cheating is good. It saves a lot of time,” he added. Mike Hayes, explained the concept further my modelling a car in limited time using various techniques including mirroring which increased the speed of workflow. “Look for symmetry and repetition,” was the mantra that he passed on to the students.

Aishwarya K V, a second-year animation student at Jain University was excited to be part of the 3D Art and Animation seminar. “The sessions were absolutely brilliant. The techniques which we use and they use, are pretty similar, but it is the output that is entirely different. The output they render using the same technique is of the highest quality. They gave us tips and tricks to reach that kind of level and also gave us an insider’s perspective on how Hollywood works,” explained Aishwarya.

Sahana V J, the second-year animation student, attended the session on Writing for Film and Television. She was thrilled to bits with the fact that she managed to churn out a whacky screenplay with her script partner Rithinsha N within two days. “We learned a lot about writing in two days. Beginning from how to grab the attention of the audience to actually putting that into practice in the form of a script, it was amazing. We managed to come up with a story called ‘Polarised’, where the protagonist is a detective who has split-personality and he ends up taking his own case,” said a beaming Sahana.

The two-day seminars offered refreshingly new perspectives of learning to the students, who were blown over by the friendly instructors from Canada.

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