SwissOne Capital: Perhaps the Only Sensible Approach to Crypto

SwissOne Capital: Perhaps the Only Sensible Approach to Crypto

SwissOne Capital AG recently announced their plan to unveil a series of crypto asset management funds. SwissOne represents something of a unicorn in the blockchain arena, a firm with decades of experience in traditional finance as well as veteran expertise in crypto. Their flagship fund, the Smart Index Crypto Fund, will launch later this year. Investment into the fund will be available through traditional channels.

The Smart Index Crypto Fund aims to innovate upon the way traders enter the market. Many crypto companies await the fabled “institutional” crowd, but SwissOne sports vast experience actually dealing with that prestigious audience. “The reason we aren’t seeing institutional participation has little to do with the assets themselves but the environment surrounding them. Crypto has unprecedentedly favorable qualities for diversification; they’re almost entirely uncorrelated to other assets, and there’s fantastic performance potential. But professionals want a professional approach, that means regulation, elegant simplicity, and stringent security,” said Hugo Van Veen.

Van Veen is one of the founders behind SwissOne, a seasoned fund manager who even helped develop a proprietary software to help allocate funds in asymmetric assets. “Given crypto’s growth capability, a 1 percent allocation in crypto can boost overall performance with minimal risk to an S&P diversified portfolio. Crypto is simply sensible in traditional allocation methodology,” continued Antony Turner, CEO of SwissOne.

With their analysis vindicating crypto as an asset class, SwissOne targets the obstacles surrounding an emergent market. Their upcoming index fund will offer an algorithmically curated selection of crypto. In Switzerland, the fund will feature the broadest exposure of any fund available, in hopes that high performance of the “winners” will offset the losses of inauspicious assets.

Additionally, all SwissOne assets will be kept in cold storage, vaulted in offline hardware modules. All in all, their defensive measures amount to bank-grade security. And in regards to regulatory protective measures, each fund by SwissOne capital will be completely compliant and governed by a watchdog agency. They are in the process of attaining FINMA approval.

“We want to give clients a chance to capitalize on innovation, without the headaches involved in a young asset class,” said Antony. As part of that directive, SwissOne will also launch an equity participation token, providing investors a chance at geared exposure to the market. Equity Token holders will own a stake in prestigious Switzerland based asset management; they will receive shares of SwissOne Capital’s revenue. The thinking behind this move is similar to the shrewdest tycoons of the gold rush era. Those that invested in the tools and materials powering the market—pickaxes, carts, shovels, et cetera—generally fared better than those that quested after gold.

Often owning a market’s infrastructure is more consistent, but for investors getting into the asset management business with SwissOne Capital’s equity token, it may be more profitable as well. Currently, in traditional markets, mutual funds manage 40 percent of assets. In crypto, funds manage a trivial 1 percent, meaning we can expect that, with the asset class’s imminent maturity, the crypto fund industry will explode. Switzerland is the number one searched country for “crypto fund”, and SwissOne offers the most compelling approach, team, and infrastructure in the country. So the prospect for the firm’s Equity Token holders seems exceptional.

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