Swiss Crypto Asset Manager Set to Launch First Ever Fully-Regulated Tokenized Fund

The SwissOne Capital Team

SwissOne Capital AG, an asset management company specializing in crypto, will soon launch the market’s first tokenized and fully-regulated index fund. Crypto as an asset class continues to edge towards maturity, and each regulatory win advances that evolution. While other crypto funds exist, SwissOne Capital’s fund will be the first to offer the liquid utility of tokenization with the safeguards of regulatory recognition. They will be licensed by FINMA for Swiss distribution.

According to a PwC global blockchain survey, regulatory uncertainty stands as the number one barrier to entry in the crypto market, with lack of trust following closely behind. Approval by an entity such as FINMA should substantially ease those chief concerns and legitimize an entrypoint in Switzerland’s massive crypto market; the country is the number one searched location for “Crypto Fund.” How this will affect the general crypto market will be seen in the coming months.

In SwissOne Capital, one can observe the way forward for crypto: a unity of blockchain’s innovative disruption and traditional institutions. SwissOne exemplifies this synergy. Their team comprises leaders from both the crypto and traditional finance world, and they personalized their offering to satisfy the needs of institutional clientele from their inception. This amounts to an investment fund that offers the utmost security, guidance from seasoned fund managers, proven allocation models, a team with a sterling pedigree, and finally, compliance with a regulatory body.

Crypto has long been something of an insurgent asset class. Its early resistance to regulation and oversight ran counter towards the goal of mass adoption and increased investor participation. Regulation offers safety and the trust that goes along with it. As the market matures, firms like SwissOne will pave the way towards legitimacy.

Source: SwissOne Capital


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