Sweet Ideas Marketing Hiring Fresh Talent

The Sweet Ideas Marketing team is excited for a prosperous 2016. In anticipation of rapid expansion, the firm's leaders have initiated a hiring push. The Director of Operations discussed the effort, and offered advice to job seekers.

“Last year was amazing, and there’s no reason to think 2016 will be any different,” said Rebecca, Sweet Ideas Marketing’s Director of Operations. “We have a lot of ambitious goals in place, and plenty of passionate and motivated people who are eager to surpass them. Their energy and commitment to superior customer service has directly impacted the rising demand for our dynamic outreach services.”

Rebecca knows the growing business will eventually overwhelm Sweet Ideas Marketing’s existing team, which is why she’s hiring new talent to complement current expertise. The highest performers will rise through the ranks and become leaders themselves.

"Our firm's reputation as a great place to work holds true,"

Rebecca , Director of Operations

“Our firm’s reputation as a great place to work holds true,” Rebecca stated. “I’m proud to say that our culture is supportive and empowering. Everyone is inclusive and communication is transparent. New ideas are embraced, along with diversity in any form. Not only do my colleagues and I collaborate harmoniously, but we also have great fun together.”

According to Rebecca, the company’s training and advancement opportunities are also noteworthy. New hires work on an individual basis with experienced managers. These coaches guide their new peers through a comprehensive training program, where they gain valuable skills and knowledge. As the learners demonstrate confidence in their abilities, they are promptly promoted.

“We look forward to hearing from interested candidates,” Rebecca added. “We’re accepting applications through our website.”

Sweet Ideas Marketing’s Director Advises Recent College Graduates

“In my experience at Sweet Ideas Marketing, I’ve found that recent college graduates in particular make exceptional sales and marketing professionals,” Rebecca concluded. “They may not have much experience, but they’re generally eager to learn and happy to face exciting challenges.”

Rebecca pointed out that she has great interest in helping the next generation of leaders succeed – whether or not they intend to seek positions at her firm. As such, she readily offers her advice whenever possible.

“There are so many decisions to make when it comes to pursuing personal and career goals,” Rebecca concluded. “For instance, it’s important to establish credit – and use it wisely! Of course, it’s also essential for people to live within (or below) their means, while saving as much as possible. On the social side of things, I always remind others that it’s never too early to begin building a network. Maintaining healthy relationships will yield benefits for decades.”

About Sweet Ideas Marketing

Sweet Ideas Marketing is the region’s leader in dynamic outreach. Through detailed research and planning, their customized product launches compel people to act. Their unique methods ensure buyer loyalty and referrals. Sweet Ideas Marketing’s success in the world of promotion has driven rapid expansion. With each new location, the team leverages their national partnerships to extend brand reach. As a result, the firm’s associates help companies stay ahead of their competition. This forward-looking approach is fuelling growth that will carry the firm far into the future. To learn more about the company and its services, visit sweetideasmarketing.com now.