Sweet Ideas Marketing Celebrates Team Cohesion

As managers at Sweet Ideas Marketing suggest, the interactive advertising firm's greatest attribute is its team. A collective of talented individuals, this team delivers results that lead to consistent growth and repeat business.

“Our group is the best,” stated Rebecca, Sweet Ideas Marketing’s Director of Operations. “One of the reasons we succeed is that we have a strong commitment to ongoing team development. We believe that a cohesive team is more productive and innovative.”

Rebecca noted there are several ways the Sweet Ideas Marketing team is poised for success. “First, we have a progressive advancement policy,” she shared. “We believe that if the firm does well and continues to grow, those who have aided in the growth should be rewarded. Merit trumps seniority or politics. Our associates know this.”

"We tie goals not just to individuals but to teams,"

Rebecca, Director of Operations

“We tie goals not just to individuals but to teams,” she continued. “This puts them in the position of working together toward a common objective. When associates know their results are contingent on collective efforts, they’re more apt to communicate and collaborate with each other, rather than compete against one another. The end result is more innovative and inclusive of various perspectives. This is why we’re able to deliver industry-leading solutions optimized for positive outcomes.”

Sweet Idea Marketing’s Director Shares More Tips for Team Building

As Rebecca suggested, team cohesion relies on getting to know one’s leadership style and associates. “First, you need to understand who you are as a leader and how that impacts your team. Are you someone who coaches and empowers people? Are you a micromanager? Understanding your leadership style is important to knowing the type of team members who will work best under your direction.”

Rebecca noted that each associate’s strengths and weaknesses should be accounted for as well. “Are your associates in the right roles?” she asked. “Often, people are hired for certain positions, but would be more suited to meet other needs in an organization. If you’re flexible, you might find that each associate has the ability to play to his or her strengths given the right opportunities.”

In order to help build bonds, Rebecca added that the firm engages in plenty of fun activities as well as training. “We get together for social events, leisure trips, and conferences,” she said. “We’ve enjoyed some great laughs and gotten to know each other over bowling, game nights, and weekly dinners, as well as team building activities and road trips to other regions. It’s helped us get to know each other on a different level, which facilitates communication.”

“Collaboration is about recognizing how everyone fits into the puzzle,” Rebecca concluded. “This is what makes for strong teams. It’s what we strive for here at Sweet Ideas Marketing.”

About Sweet Ideas Marketing

Sweet Ideas Marketing is the region’s leader in dynamic outreach. Through detailed research and planning, their customized product launches compel people to act. Their unique methods ensure buyer loyalty and referrals. Sweet Ideas Marketing’s success in the world of promotion has driven rapid expansion. With each new location, the team leverages their national partnerships to extend brand reach. As a result, the firm’s associates help companies stay ahead of their competition. This forward-looking approach is fuelling growth that will carry the firm far into the future. To learn more about the company and its services, visit sweetideasmarketing.com now.