Survivor's Missy Payne Publishes The Invisible 7

An interactive workbook to rediscover the joys of giving

Missy Payne

Dallas native Missy Payne competed in Season 29 of the hit CBS TV show Survivor. Out of that experience has come The Invisible 7. Within the pages of this interactive workbook, Missy shares her Survivor experiences and provides readers with “challenges” and opportunities to tap into seven character traits that every person carries with them from birth. Discover how to unlock the profound mysteries of the seven traits: equality, humility, integrity, resilience, self-discipline, compassion and generosity. Complete the challenges to experience unexpected life shifts and be an inspiration to the people you encounter along the way. Looking for a true mind-body-soul connection? Readers who utilize this workbook will learn to break the mold and find a unique way to serve their community, bring together their family unit, and discover how amazingly cool they are.

“With the availability of lightning speed technology, there are also some forgotten human instincts – like how to talk to each other. I believe that it is my duty as a Gen X-er to model behaviors and lifestyles that our parents and grandparents passed down to us. And it can be accomplished through one simple philosophy: Service to others,” says author Missy Payne. “Life provides a virtual well of opportunity to serve others that will never run dry. I hope that by going through the exercises, or challenges, in this workbook, readers will discover all of the amazing benefits that service to one's community and the world around them can bring.”

A person is never too young (or too old) to reconnect with the seven core values Missy writes about in The Invisible 7 and to start to reinvigorate their life. Choose from the Generation X&Y edition or the Teen edition. The challenges mirror each other in both versions, but some of Missy’s personal stories differ due to age-appropriate subject matter. Both copies reach deep into the hearts of every reader. And, with a small amount of application, participants will see positive changes in their thought processing and approach to relationships.

The Invisible 7 is $16.95 (plus shipping/handling) and can be purchased online at For every purchase of the Invisible 7, $1.00 is being donated to Missy’s Cheer 4 Your Life organization.


Missy Payne spent 15 years as a competition cheer coach but after her time on the hit TV show, Survivor, decided to channel her passion for kids into helping high school youth discover their passion and pursue their dreams. She created Cheer 4 Your Life, a 501(c)(3) that helps empower youth by providing supportive funding as needed for individual participation in various clubs and school programs including but not limited to athletic programs, performance-based programs and service projects. Missy is an in-demand motivational speaker for adults in the corporate arena, as well as speaking at high schools across the country. She is mother to two amazing girls and currently resides in Dallas.

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