Survival Life Offers a Chance to Learn Survival Techniques From a Real Life James Bond

Ex-CIA Agent, Jason Hanson, started Survival Life to help good people survive real life and death situations. Now Survival Life is offering a new course to teach the art of escape and disappearing.

​The online survival training company, Survival Life announces their latest training course. The company offers extensive online survival training covering scenarios like kidnapping, robbery, and car accidents. Survival Life’s newest class available is Spy Escape & Evasion Training. The Spy Escape & Evasion Training online class is available at for $37.00.

Survival Life was started by former CIA Officer and current Security Specialist, Jason Hanson. When Hanson left the agency he realized that the average American is extremely vulnerable to a number of attacks or tragedies. This is when he decided he had to help. Survival Life’s mission is to help hardworking Americans protect themselves and their loved ones. The Spy Escape & Evasion Training class was developed to help the average American think like James Bond and have the tools and techniques to act if they ever need to disappear. In the class, attendees will learn:

●      Creating an escape kit. Important tools and techniques to use to plan to disappear, how to obtain them and how to use them.

●      What a “break phone” is and how to properly use it. This tool is one of the highest-level security measures available and can allow someone to stay ahead of their pursuers.

●      A 3-step process to remain off the grid.

●      The art of creating and deploying decoys.

●      How to securely set up a secret email account that uses technology to automatically and completely delete emails after one hour of receipt.

●      How to make untraceable phone calls.

●      Tricks to locate a “safe house” that won’t cost any money, but offers safety and security.

●      Hot wiring a car, despite mechanical ability.

●      Techniques to surviving or even stopping a home invasion.

Students are responding to the Spy Escape & Evasion Training. Those who have already taken the course are leaving feeling empowered and safer. "I can’t thank you enough for not only offering this invaluable course but doing a fantastic job of teaching it. I left feeling empowered, which is something I have not felt for some time” one student stated about the program.

About Survival Life

Survival Life is an Online Survival Training company located in Austin, Texas. The company was started by ex-CIA officer and current security specialist, Jason Hanson to answer the call to equip and educate people on real survival skills. For more information on Survival Life, visit


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