Surrogacy Sisterhood Grows in 2018

With most their most recent retreat, Sacred Surrogacy welcomed 62 women to Omemee, Ontario, displaying the forward moving trend of surrogacy sisterhood.

On April 13-15, 2018, Sacred Surrogacy hosted 62 women from across Canada for a retreat in Omemee, Ontario. Friday night the retreat started with a warm welcoming by CFC staff helping the sisters out of the rain, and with cookies and lemonade, the guests settled into the retreat space. Surrogates participated in candle decorating to hold space for a fellow sister, or anyone of importance to them, and to bond and connect after arrival. Tote bags were handed out with self-care items to show appreciation for each individual and help them display their surrogacy pride.

Saturday morning started with a relaxing breakfast before activities began. The check-in circle included personal introductions and affirmation tokens were chosen with specific words relating to each sister’s journey. Next, meditation began to allow everyone to connect with each other. In the afternoon Sacred Surrogacy had fear release sessions. Fear Release is a very emotionally difficult, but empowering process, as so many women take control and release the negative vibes holding them back and then choose to move forward. The sealing ceremony came next for those dealing with feelings of loss.

This retreat has changed my life. I've never felt as loved or as whole as I felt this weekend. I've learned so much about myself. Sacred Surrogacy is the greatest gift ever given to me.


CFC Surrogate

A delicious lunch was served by the retreat staff, which then brought on our abundance manifest with meditation and abundance oil making. Sisters then went on for their honouring, which is a ceremony where each individual woman receives honouring from Sacred Surrogacy CEO, Leia Swanberg, and CFC staff. Sacred Surrogacy also offered phenomenal local henna artists to the surrogates for artistry on their bellies or hands. The last activity for the day was the salt bowl to set intentions for the future and bring positivity into one's lives. At fear release, participants let their fears go, and then at the salt bowl, Sacred Surrogacy allows themselves to look forward and address one's intent. The retreat ran incredibly smoothly with beautiful sacredness. It’s amazing to connect and see others connect and build sisterhood bonds, especially in a world where communication is often more digital than not. It’s very enlightening to see such a large group of women come together to connect with a very spiritual, emotional, and delicate level. The sisterhood of surrogacy grows, even in 2018.

Source: Sacred Surrogacy

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