SUQA Foundation Announced Rebranding to SIN Coin for Secure Infinity Nodes

SUQA Foundation Announced The New Name SIN Coin Which Stands For Secure Infinity Nodes

SIN Secure Infinity Nodes

SUQA Foundation announced the new name SIN Coin, which stands for Secure Infinity Nodes. Regular users of SUQA will not need to change anything since the change over to SIN will happen seamlessly in the coming weeks. Node operators and those who mine SUQA are encouraged to check in on the SIN Discord channel frequently to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest news and changes.

SIN coins were already listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges under their former name, SUQA and notices will be sent out as the change over approaches. They have been placed in the coinmarketcap database, which establishes a market value for various crypto-coins based on aggregated information and the team of SIN is taking all steps to smoothly transition from SUQA to SIN. 

SIN has several developing initiatives, but as a whole SIN is a collaboration of cryptocurrency specialists striving to help the blockchain subculture thrive especially in the mining community. The team at SIN has created an algorithm called X25X which has a special set of characteristics that give an advantage to smaller GPU mining operations.

In contrast to the distinct advantage given to modest mining setups, the algorithms used to mine SIN are intentionally configured to be extremely unlikely to be useful to the commercialized sector of the industry. Usually, the commercially backed mining farms (known as FPGA and ASIC miners) quickly dominate the production of cryptocurrency. SIN is resistant to these mining farm giants, and the team intends to continue with their FPGA and ASIC resistance.

SIN has expressed the goal of updating their algorithms at regular intervals with details that effectively repel the ASIC and FPGA mining operations long term. 

"After our recent re-branding to SIN from SUQA we are thrilled to be integrating dPOW with the team at Komodo. It is going to be a great benefit for our users. Also we will be introducing a brand new mining algorithm that will definitely amaze the mining community," says Tamer Dagli, SIN CEO and CoFounder.

Media Contact: Tamer Dagli, CEO and CoFounder of SUQA

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SINOVATE is a cryptocurrency project offering advanced mining algorithms designed for GPU mining that stays resistant to FPGA and ASIC mining dominance. Rebranding from SUQA, Now SIN coin is implementing Infinity Nodes.

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