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The fury of nature that have taken many lives destroyed many of the homes. The disaster occurred in Chennai are still people trying to recover. His solidarity with giving the country to deal with this disaster, the people of Chennai was complemented. Hindu-Muslim, Sikh, what do Christians, everyone helped each other to break the shackles of religion.

Right now, over 10 lakh people have been affected by the floods. 

The worst rains in nearly 100 years have caused heavy floods in various parts of Tamil Nadu. People are struggling to get clean drinking water and there is an urgent need to provide food & water supplies and sanitation support.

An outbreak of a major water and sanitation crisis in Chennai and other locations looks imminent. With a breakdown in communication and their homes submerged in the floods, people in Tamil Nadu are in need of drinking water, food supplies and shelter.

In Cuddalore, approximately 120 Villages are affected, out of which 40 are severely devastated from the second spell of flooding. Around 45,000 people were residing in these villages.

Right now, thousands face severe water shortage, across the affected areas in Tamil Nadu.

The people in Tamil Nadu have lost a lot in the floods. And now they are facing a shortage of food and clean drinking water. The risk of this crisis is escalating rapidly. 

Please save and protect the worst-affected people across the flood affected regions by helping provide emergency food rations, water, sanitation facilities and hygiene support to the affected people by donating here:

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