Rahuls Fight Against Cancer

College Student Suffering From Cancer Seeks Funding Via Crowdsourcing Campaign 'Support Rahul' Campaign Aims to Raise $13,000 via Generosity by Indiegogo

 A young college student in PATNA is fighting for his life after struggling with cancer. To help him pay for medical expenses, a group of concerned friends is launching a campaign via Indiegogo's new "Generosity" platform.

Rahul's friends are attempting to raise $13,000, all of which will go toward life-saving cancer treatments for Rahul. Donations of all sizes are welcome.

"Rahul has been our friend for years, and there is nothing more painful than watching him and wondering if he'll be there the next day," said NAME, organizer of the "Support Rahul" campaign.  "We aren't asking you to raise millions, begin your own fundraiser, or chop off all of your hair. All we want is for him to have another chance at life. After all, doesn't everyone deserve one?"

Donations to the Support Rahul campaign can be made at https://igg.me/at/-r-i1EWXo4A

Generosity, launched in October of 2015, is an Indiegogo-powered fundraising platform designed to help meet the needs of nonprofits and individuals looking to solve personal and community challenges. All money raised by Generosity campaigns goes directly to the nonprofit or individual in need.