Superpedestrian Expands Its LINK E-Scooter Services With Passes to Ride More for Less

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Passes cut costs for residents making frequent trips, available first in Manhattan, KS; Detroit, MI and Columbus, OH

Modeled on public transit passes, Superpedestrian's LINK shared e-scooter service will offer riders the option to purchase 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day Passes in select cities. LINK's Passes were created for residents of cities across the country who use LINK to make frequent trips, to help lower their day-to-day transportation costs. Throughout the pandemic, more people are relying on LINK's reliable, convenient and safe e-scooters for transportation, and Passes give these frequent riders affordable pricing options. Riders can use LINK e-scooters more often for a lower fare and choose a Pass that fits their needs. The passes will roll out today in Manhattan, Kansas; Detroit, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio, before being expanded to all cities served by LINK later this fall.

With the purchase of a Pass, the rider will enjoy the first 30 minutes of rides for free, after which standard per-minute charges apply. The 1-Day Pass gives riders access to unlimited 30-minute rides for 24 hours. The 7-Day Pass offers up to 30 rides within 7 days. The 30-Day Pass will include up to 100 rides within 30 days. Pass pricing varies by city based on the per minute rate in each city. Frequent riders will save money with passes compared to purchasing individual trips.

"Whether you're commuting to work, running errands or exploring your city, Passes will help our frequent riders save on their trips," said Paul White, Senior Director of Public Affairs at Superpedestrian. "We are thrilled that local residents in cities across the country use LINK to get to their next destination, and we know Passes will make their rides fit seamlessly into their routines and budgets."

Detroit, MI Pricing

Manhattan, KS Pricing

Columbus, OH Pricing













How to Ride LINK: 

To ride a LINK scooter, simply download the LINK mobile app from the iOS or Android app store, use the app to find a scooter, and scan its QR code. Superpedestrian also has accommodations for riders without smartphones or credit cards.

Ride safe and always wear a helmet. LINK offers riders discounted helmets through Bern.

How to Use LINK Passes:

Passes are currently available in Manhattan, KS; Columbus, OH and Detroit, MI. Update the LINK mobile app to the latest version and search for Passes in the menu to view Pass subscription options. 

Once a Pass expires, simply purchase the next Pass on the LINK mobile app. Passes cannot be shared or used to activate rides for others. Credit cards are required to buy a pass. Pass purchases are non-refundable. For any questions or concerns, please contact customer service by clicking "Report issues" in the LINK mobile app.

More information on Passes is available at

How are LINK scooters safe and city-friendly?

  • LINK's on-board A.I. Mechanic ensures vehicles are safe before each and every ride
  • Geofencing protects pedestrians by keeping scooters out of pedestrian plazas and other restricted zones
  • LINK is working with local community based organizations and soliciting feedback from community members on how best to design its programs and service area to serve the community.

LINK Scooter Sharing Rules of the Road

  • Ride scooters in the bike lane when available or in the street
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Always yield to pedestrians
  • Riders must be 18 years and older with a valid driver's license
  • Helmets are strongly encouraged
  • Park scooters neatly and keep sidewalks clear
  • Never ride under the influence


About LINK: LINK is the world's safest and smartest e-scooter. Engineered and built by Superpedestrian, a mobility engineering and technology company that develops and launches urban transport solutions, LINK scooters are the first to offer self-diagnostic and self-protection technologies that keep riders and pedestrians safe.

Scooter photos and more information available in LINK's Press Kit:

CONTACT: Julie Falvo | 908-635-6695 

Source: Superpedestrian