Superbean, a Company Digitalizing the Education of the Digital Powerhouse Country Korea, Provides a Realistic Cultural Education for Youth in XR

Super Bean

The education system is changing according to the environment. Super Bean is a company that aims to digitalize the process of education to match the standards of rapidly developing technology. Super Bean Co., Ltd. added an educational curriculum to the content technology it produces and made it possible to acquire a textbook curriculum through video. Super Bean started as a video production company in 2009 and has been expanding its field to public content production, promotion, conference, and awards ceremonies.

The digital education evaluation market is expected to grow rapidly and reach approximately $43.5 billion USD by 2025. Based on the technical foundation, educational content and platforms that match the technology are necessary.

Accordingly, the Korean Ministry of Education plans to enhance SW AI education in line with the digital era and provide more opportunities for digital education to students.

The Ministry of Education expects to create a digital talent training system and contribute to closing the gap in digital education.

SW AI education instructors, schools, and universities will be deployed to accumulate educational capabilities in the field and create a digital talent training system that connects elementary and secondary education to universities.

Also, since 2019, with the changes in the public sector, it has produced programs that contain more than 200 curricula, to revitalize survival education in the University Swimming Federation. Because of this, in 2021, it was made possible to stream to any medium in a digital environment by building a swimming education XR streaming server.

Lee Ju-Won, CEO of Super Bean Co., Ltd., said, "The program contains a variety of educational information that is easy for people to acquire. Through the visual education curriculum that uses content production technology, we are working with the government to make 'school education' possible through the metaverse and online as a realistic cultural education for youth in XR."

His story shows he is trying to expand the Korean Wave in the EduTech field through a new concept of education which is an XR program service suitable for various platforms.

It is also expected that with the policy of the Ministry of Education and the education industry in Korea will once again leap forward in line with the digital era.


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