"Suntacts": Provides Freedom From Eye and Sunglasses Yet Enhances Eyes

One often hears the words – “the eyes have it”. This is certainly true in the case of this new product called Suntacts. Suntacts offer contact-lens wearers the convenience of light-responsive, progressively shading contact-lenses which darken in response to sunlight and lighten to transparency when indoors. Convenient, protective, and comfortable to the wearer, Suntacts would also be striking, unique, and novel in appearance, and would free contact-lens wearers of the need for separate sunglasses.
Suntacts does for contact-lens wearers what progressively shading lenses have done for eyeglass-wearers and offers contact-lens wearers freedom from sunglasses, while effectively shading their eyes from harsh sunlight and glare. Suntacts are photochromic contact lenses, darkening in response to the UV rays in sunlight, and lightening in the absence of solar UV light. Because UV rays penetrate clouds, photochromic lenses will darken on overcast days as well as sunny days. An added benefit of photochromic lenses is that they shield the wearer's eyes from 100 percent of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. In Suntacts, the darkened lenses not only shade the eyes, shielding them from UV rays and glare; they also produce a striking visual effect in terms of the wearer's appearance – an effect so striking that contact-lens wearers purchase Suntacts in part for the comfort and convenience of eliminating sunglasses, and in part to achieve the visual appearance of having large, darkened irises. Suntacts are formulated not only to darken, but to change color in the presence of sunlight. Further, the progressive shading of the Suntacts lenses might be configured to act not on the entire lens, but only on a design embedded in the lens: a “cat-eye” iris and pupil design, for example, solid colors, floral designs, and more. Suntacts are produced in fixed-focal and multi-focal contact lens, and in both “hard” and “soft” contacts; and Suntacts are also produced in color-tinted contacts which “change” the color of one's irises. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Suntacts.
Suntacts are Patent Pending and were invented by Alexander Guerra of New York, NY who said, “Freedom from wearing eyeglasses is standard for contact-lens wearers. However, these individuals still need to use sunglasses to reduce glare on bright days. The photochromic lenses in Suntacts negates the need for sunglasses. Every contact-lens wearer will find Suntacts the perfect answer because they work.”
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