Sunshine Coast Health Centre, a Leading Alcohol Treatment Centre in British Columbia, Announces New Post Comparing 12 Step vs. Non 12 Step Methodologies

Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a best-in-class alcohol treatment for men in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. The Centre is proud to announce a new post explaining the basic differences between 12 step and non 12 step treatment methodologies.

Leading Alcohol Treatment Centre

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (, a top-rated program in British Columbia for alcohol treatment, is excited to announce a new post explaining key aspects that differentiate 12 step vs. non 12 step programs. The Centre uses a meaning-based approach to deal with alcoholism and other forms of addiction, and many clients are excited to find a non 12 step program as an alternative to the more common approach of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Many potential clients come to us because they are searching for a treatment methodology that is non-religious and more empowering than the 12 step approach,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “Many also have questions about the basics of a non 12 step program and may be unfamiliar with the work of either Viktor Frankl or Dr. Paul P.T. Wong. Our new post is a good starting point to understanding the basic differences. ”

The post can be read in its entirety at  It explains the basic differences between the 12 step and non 12 step programs. For example, it explains that the Centre's meaning-centered methodology treats clients as "whole human beings," not an addict or an addiction. It does not pigeonhole the person with an addiction by reducing him to mere thoughts, feelings or behaviours.  Finally, while many clients come to a non 12 step methodology because they want a secular, or non-religious approach, others are religious and still want a more human-centric, or meaning-centered methodology. Either way, the goal of the blog post and the goal of the Centre is to identify the best approach for each client that is most likely to lead to success. Persons who want to learn more about the Centre's approach can visit or reach out for a consultation.

Women who suffer from alcoholism can visit the affiliated Georgia Strait Women's Clinic at


Sunshine Coast Health Centre ( is a 47-bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for men, with nine separately located private residences for women, that officially opened on March 15, 2004. The Centre has a philosophy of care that goes beyond just addiction to include personal transformation based on three key therapeutic principles: interpersonal relatedness, self-definition (autonomy & competence), and intrinsic motivation. The Centre offers both drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment near Vancouver, BC, but serves patients across Canada, particularly British Columbia and Alberta and cities such as Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Sunshine Coast Health Centre uses a form of drug rehabilitation based on the research of Viktor Frankl and methodology of Paul T.P. Wong, namely "Meaning ­Centered Therapy."

Source: Sunshine Coast Health Centre