Sunshine Care to Open Newest Clinic Nov. 1, 2022, Using Mostly ReStore Store/Habitat for Humanity Materials

Sunshine plans an aggressive clinic opening schedule in rural and suburban areas along with franchising. Sunshine Care Virtual Clinics and SunshineCare.Online are companies created from the result of prior ObamaCare Innovation Grant Programs designed to help create and improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare expenses.

Sunshine Care

Sunshine Care Virtual Clinics will open its first location using mainly ReStore Store/Habitat for Humanity materials, and plans on continuing the protocol. "We plan an aggressive clinic opening schedule, in rural and suburban areas along with franchising. Our plan is to always recommend utilizing ReStore Stores/Habitat for Humanity locations in remodeling and construction," says company CEO Rusty McMurray.

"Using local ReStore Stores/Habitat for Humanity serves as a give back to the local community we serve, cuts the lag time in ordering and delivering needed materials, plus lowers the construction budget," continues McMurray. 

Sunshine Care Virtual Clinics and SunshineCare.Online are companies created from the result of prior ObamaCare Innovation grant programs designed to help create an improved quality of life and lower the cost of care for patients. These ObamaCare innovation grants helped provide important foundational knowledge to create new billing codes to allow practices like Sunshine Care to grow and improve outcomes for patients. 

These payment sources for medical providers exist today, but for whatever reason, providers have been slow to adopt them. Sunshine Care over the last five years has served and improved the quality of life using these ObamaCare reimbursements to serve almost 20,000 Oklahomans, and reduced patient rehospitalizations by thousands, thus lowering the cost of care and improving outcomes.

"Currently, we are licensed in about a dozen states and adding more each week. We are planning our expansion model around ReStore Store/Habitat for Humanity locations across the country. Our only hope is to become a living part of every community we serve," says Rusty McMurray Sunshine Care CEO.

Source: Sunshine Care

About Sunshine Care Partners Inc

Sunshine Care Partners serve the general community, assisted living and long term care facilities, and hospitals as a medical practice. Our goal is to improve the quality of care for each patient by offering an entire healthcare team at their disposal of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, personal coach, and medical assistant all tied together with our proprietary Apple/Android Applications. Our SunshineCare.Online app if a first to market smart phone app that combines smart device monitoring, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, AND access to your medical provider. NOW your healthcare team can help you reach your healthcare goals.

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