Sunshine Care Announces Creation of Advisory Board of Directors and Names Chairman

Industry Veteran Ellsworth Harris Named Sunshine Care Partners Advisory Board Chairman

Sunshine Care Partners

Sunshine Care has named Ellsworth Harris, an industry veteran and CEO of AMS Infection Prevention Partners, as the Chairman of their newly formed Advisory Board of Directors. Ellsworth will continue to expand the Advisory Board Membership over the next few quarters with healthcare leaders that will bring unique and advanced perspectives to Sunshine Care's leadership. "I am more than excited to have a quality individual with experience in a vast arena of healthcare organizations," says Sunshine Care Partners CEO, Rusty McMurray, "… The nation needs to advance new models in healthcare delivery, and we're excited to form a team to do just that for Sunshine Care." Ellsworth serves as CEO/Founder of AMS Infection Prevention Partners, an infection prevention and surveillance company based in Annapolis, Maryland. Sunshine Care is a geriatric medical practice primarily serving the long-term care, post-acute, assisted living, and geriatric populations based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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