Sunny Side Up Film Festival Rocking the Indie Film World!

Samera Entertainment and The Hollywood Entertainment Report are excited to announce the upcoming Sunny Side Up Film Festival.

BrenRock Productions

Innovative film producer Rock Whitehead and wife, actress/screenwriter Brenda Whitehead are quite busy these days with a multitude of projects. At the helm of their production company, BrenRock Productions, LLC, Rock and Brenda are not just producing and directing films, but they are also hosts and creative directors of the two film festivals they founded together, The Wild Bunch Film Festival (2015) and Sunny Side Up Film Festival (2016). TWBFF is held in Willcox, Arizona in October while SSUFF is held in Ardmore, Oklahoma in March.

Sunny Side Up Film Festival is Ardmore’s premier indie film festival that is highly anticipated by its devoted and loyal fans. It is an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and film-making innovation featuring various works of independent films and exciting live events with a multitude of filmmakers, and film fans in attendance where many awards will be presented to talented and worthy filmmakers.

Among the several awards presented, there will be two special awards called SSUFF Gray Frederickson Award that will be presented to the two lucky winners by Gray Frederickson himself on Sunday, March 25. These two awards are for “Best Oklahoma Made Film” and “Best 1st Time Filmmaker”. Gray Frederickson is an Academy Award-winning Producer known for such films as "The Godfather," "The Godfather Part II," "The Godfather Part III," "Apocalypse Now," "The Outsiders," and many more.

“Gray Frederickson is a wonderful filmmaker and an even better person,” said Rock Whitehead.

“We are truly honored to have him attend the award show,” he added.

“He is a living legend.”

The 2018 SSUFF runs March 24-25 at The Goddard Center located at 401 1st Avenue Southwest, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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