'Sun Gone Nova' Author Evie Ryland To Appear At Comic Con 2010

Fine artist and cartoonist Evie Ryland is signing copies of her clever new comic book 'Sun Gone Nova' at Comic Con in San Diego July 21-25. Ryland will be updating fans via twitter during the events.

Fine artist and cartoonist Evie Ryland is scheduled to debut a witty collection of single panel comics in her new book, Sun Gone Nova. Ryland will be attending Comic Con between July 21-25, 2010 and updating fans via daily tweets and blog posts. Her unmistakable intellectual style and playful illustrations reinvent the mainstream definition of comic art.

During the Comic Con Convention Ryland will be signing first edition books for her fans and giving away a free gift with purchase. In addition to making an appearance at the San Diego Convention Center Ryland will also be attending panel discussions, release parties, and many other industry events. To schedule interviews during Comic Con send requests via email.

"It's going to be a great experience. I'm looking forward to attending a lot of fun events. Tron: Legacy is at the top of my list as is the Stan Lee release of his new superhero comic books. The Cartoon Network Pizzeria at Ciro's will also be a cool place to grab a bite." said Ryland. "I've got some surprise gifts to give out with my book, [Sun Gone Nova] so I can't wait to meet fellow comic book fans.

'Sun Gone Nova: A Collection of Cartoons by Evie Ryland Volume 1' is 96 pages of colorful satire and analytical humor. Ryland uses pen and ink techniques to create a surreal world of complex characters. Each stand alone comic is surprisingly different from the next and incorporates a variety of styles and concepts. Ryland hits a unique comedic cord with influences from the scientific community, fine arts, and classic American culture.

About Evie Ryland
Evie Ryland is best known as the creator of Sun Gone Nova, a cartoon book originating from her Century City Newspaper comic strip. Ms. Ryland opened one of the first art galleries in downtown Phoenix in what is now a thriving art district. Her experience as a gallery owner and curator in Arizona led her to become a founding member of the Century City Chamber of Commerce Arts & Cultural Affairs Council. In addition to Volume Two of Sun Gone Nova, she is currently developing a fine art book and completing a children's book. Ryland currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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