Sun Devil Promotions Makes Training an Ongoing Plan

As 2019 rapidly approaches, Sun Devil Promotions leadership is assessing the team's training needs for the coming year. Oscar G., the firm's President, discussed how the learning environment is cultivated for ongoing education.

According to Oscar, Sun Devil Promotions makes knowledge transfer a key goal for everyone within the office. From the newest team member to the most seasoned pro, Oscar said that everyone is on a mission to learn and grow.

For newcomers to Team Sun Devil Promotions, Oscar explained that their learning experience is different from those of other firms which might take more staid onboarding approaches with books and videos. Instead, these individuals will be immediately immersed in an intensive, hands-on training where they can quickly visualize the impact of the firm’s progressive outreach approach. They gain communication techniques and business 101 knowhow they need to do their jobs well. Their teachers are experts within the company who coach them through the processes, providing ample feedback so that growth is a foregone conclusion. 

As associates reach key skill-driven milestones, they are rewarded with more chances to learn. There’s plenty of in-house knowledge sharing and team-building activities. For those who demonstrate leadership abilities, the opportunities are even greater. These people are tapped for chances to visit other offices and regions, attend national conferences where they meet industry leaders, and even go on an all-expenses-paid retreat to an exotic locale.

Sun Devil Promotions’ President on Why Training Is Important to the Team

As Oscar is quick to point out, training and travel are investments he is happy to make for associates of Sun Devil Promotions, as the returns are many. Since the company’s promotional policy is designed to advance people who are committed to the mission, the knowledge shared stays in-house. 

A well-trained team adds value for both national service partners and their customers. Since Sun Devil Promotions is known for creating custom product presentations, it’s important for everyone involved that they can articulate the different facets and services. This helps the people they meet select the right packages for their needs.

Most key, an educated workforce takes ownership in and contributes to the processes that keep the company flowing. They’re more innovative and able to respond quickly with practical solutions. As Oscar can attest, making sure everyone has the right knowhow means more chances for all to succeed.

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