Ambitious Professionals Welcomed at Sun Devil Promotions

Sun Devil Promotions' leadership announced that the company is hiring. The firm's President discussed traits of ideal candidates, and shared some of his strategies to identify and on-board great team members.

“Growth is always exciting, and we are definitely a company on the grow,” shared Oscar G., President of Sun Devil Promotions. “More businesses than ever are asking us help them acquire customers with our outreach campaigns, which means that we’re hiring now! We want to expand our team with motivated individuals who are excited and eager to make a name for themselves in the business world.”

Business-minded individuals will appreciate that each Sun Devil Promotions role comes with a career map, taking a person from the entry level to management. We’ve also built an atmosphere of team encouragement, where recognition and camaraderie are the norm. Those who hold visions for their futures that align with our company’s mission and principles will feel right at home on our team.

How Sun Devil Promotions Finds Good Fits

“When we invite someone to join Sun Devil Promotions, we are making a commitment to help him or her achieve both their personal and professional potential,” stated Oscar. “Our level of investment starts even before the interview, and influences the way we seek out potential associates. In this way, we find the strongest fits for our team – those who will thrive in our industry while also contributing in meaningful ways to our organization.”

For instance, Oscar attracts potential team members with the same marketing strategies used to find new business partners. He’s always promoting Sun Devil Promotions as a potential career destination, and continually points out the perks and advantages that the firm’s executives enjoy.

Referrals are also as useful in hiring as they are in finding business opportunities. Like begets like, as the saying goes, and Oscar recognizes the truth of this maxim by encouraging associates with whom he’s already formed rapports to refer their peers, friends, and family members to interview with the firm.

“The most important step we’ve taken to ensure we hire well is to identify our company values,” Oscar declared. “Principles like teamwork, leadership, and continual learning are the foundation of our culture, which is at the heart of our success as an organization. We seek those who share corporate values during the initial interview, knowing that people with similar standards will help Sun Devil Promotions continue to grow.”  

About Sun Devil Promotions

Sun Devil Promotions’ mission is to break through the chaos of internet marketing and drive customer acquisitions that are far more effective than conventional advertising. By bringing businesses and consumers together, the team pushes their partners past the competition. Every interaction is more than sharing facts and discussing concepts – it’s about connections. Word-of-mouth quickly gives voice to businesses and amplifies the buzz of Team Sun Devil Promotions’ work. Their solutions easily flex to meet the needs of start-ups and Fortune 500 firms alike. To learn more about these services, visit

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