Sullivan Solar Power and the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego Power Up on the Road to Clean Energy Together

Why rooftop solar power paired with electric vehicles is a match made in heaven

The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego and Sullivan Solar Power have officially partnered on the road to clean energy. It only makes sense these organizations join forces to help San Diego reach 100 percent clean energy, as transportation and power plant pollution are the top contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. 

The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego (EVAoSD) is an organization made up of advocates and educators of electric vehicles (EVs), providing information about EVs on the market, benefits, and resources for EV purchasing decisions. 

Through this partnership, Sullivan Solar Power and EVAoSD will educate their networks about the benefits of pairing solar with EVs by speaking at meetings and seminars and participating in their respective community events. In addition, each time a member goes solar with Sullivan Solar Power, they will donate a portion of the sale to EVAoSD.

“The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego is thrilled to be working with Sullivan Solar Power to educate our community on electric vehicles and solar. Rooftop solar is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy, making it the perfect way to power an electric vehicle,” said Tyson Siegele, Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego President. 

With the price of gasoline rising and electric bills on the same trajectory, now is a great time to learn about the ways these expenditures can be drastically reduced. According to a study by the SmartGrid Consumer Collaborative, “Roughly one-half of consumers who have solar or EV technology have both.” So how do EVs and solar power work together you may wonder? 

If a homeowner buys an EV, they can expect a monthly increase of $50 to $75 in their electric bill. With the cost of electricity rising, that price could increase further and make the homeowner’s bill unmanageable. If that same homeowner installed solar, the added cost of the EV to the electric bill could be eliminated.  

"Today, we are not only able to store the electricity produced by a solar system but also use it to power our vehicles, further reducing our carbon footprint,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder of Sullivan Solar Power, who has driven EVs for over 11 years.

The partnership kicked off this fall when Sullivan Solar Power spoke at EVAoSD’s monthly meeting at the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in San Diego. Since 2009, CSE has administered the statewide Clean Vehicle Rebate Project which has provided over $621 million in rebates to assist with clean vehicle adoption. 

Sullivan Solar Power and EVAoSD’s partnership will continue into 2020 with more educational events focused on solar and energy storage paired with EVs. To learn more about Sullivan Solar Power, visit For the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego, visit

Source: Sullivan Solar Power