Success For Graduates Outlined In New Gift Book

Newly released book for high school and college graduates offers advice on success and life after graduation in these challenging times.

Graduation time is here and that brings the task of selecting meaningful and useful graduation gifts for your loved one.  While graduates may have dreams of becoming successful, many don’t have a clear picture of what that really means or how to get there. In his newly released book titled Think Where You’re Going, author Mike Eltgroth explains that success is an individual concept and needs to be carefully examined before costly mistakes are potentially made.  The lack of a clear post-graduation plan along with a lack of real-world skills can often lead to anxiety and poor decision making with long term impacts. In this book, Mike outlines the probable paths through life based on several key aspects and gives practical advice on a number of topics that are critical for new graduates. 

“In this age of increasing student debt, growing income disparity, and constant exposure to society’s image of success, it is vitally important for new graduates to understand what they truly want, how to go after it and what to expect along the way,” said Mike.  Throughout the book three categories of people are used to examine the probable paths through life based on three key aspects.  These aspects are (1) how they view time, (2) what they value, and (3) what they know about money and how to use it.  Along with a basic discussion of finances, many other important topics are covered such as dealing with people, learning from failure, what to expect at their first job, understanding emotional intelligence, building confidence and more.

This book was written to be an easy read that can be referenced for years to come. Think Where You’re Going: The Must-Have Book For New Graduates Seeking Success In Life, written by Mike Eltgroth, is published by BeachPath Press, LLC.  It is available now through online retailers for this year’s graduation gift giving season.

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