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SUBWING co-founder Simon Sivertsen announced today that the company has set up U.S. operations to distribute the SUBWING product line throughout North America and the Caribbean. “We’ve been planning this day for some time now” said Sivertsen, who would go on to say “The U.S. is the ultimate outdoor playground and we’re looking forward to taking SUBWING to its shores, lakes, rivers and bays.”

While sailing through the Greek islands with his father, and soon-to-become business partner, Sivertsen was intrigued at how effortlessly dolphins could glide through the water. Sitting on the side of their sailboat, he remembers thinking, “How cool would it be if we could swim like that?” It was at that moment the idea for SUBWING started to take shape in the young inventor’s mind. Now, with the help of his father, that idea has become a full scale product line and international company that delivers a water sports experience unlike anything else on the market.

"SUBWING has created an entirely new category in the world of water sports, and we're very excited to be bringing it to the U.S. market."

Ksenia Kipurova, Marketing & Sales Manager

The SUBWING consists of two finely tuned boards or "wings," connected by a center swivel rod. While being towed at just 2-4 knots you can glide along the water’s surface for a nice, relaxing ride or, if you're looking for a little more excitement, you can go underwater to perform rolls, twists, turns and more. You can even attach a GoPro camera to SUBWING for a birds-eye recording of your entire adventure.

Available in a number of models to satisfy nearly any desires, SUBWING’s Honeycomb series is the most suitable for beginners. Made with ABS polymer plastic, this highly durable material features an internal honeycomb structure that creates the perfect weight-to-strength ratio. If you are an advanced “SUBWINGER” or just like to be a little more adventurous, the fiberglass or carbon fiber models deliver what you need to dive deeper or go a bit faster. 

Designed for men, women and teens, the SUBWING is very easy to use. Towed behind a boat or personal watercraft (Waverunner, Ski-Doo, etc.), the only required equipment is a towrope and diving mask. Ksenia Kipurova, SUBWING’S Marketing and Sales Manager adds, “SUBWING'S success and popularity around the world has been amazing, and demand for the product in the U.S. is growing every day."

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SUBWING manufactures a new water sports board consisting of two hydrodynamic wings that is pulled behind a boat or personal watercraft. Riders can easily maneuver above or below the water's surface by tilting the two wings in various directions.

Ksenia Kipurova
Ksenia Kipurova
Marketing and Sales Manager, SUBWING AS
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