"Stuck No More Wheel Ramps": Gives Traction in Icy Situations

​Stuck No More Wheel Ramps is a set of 4 lightweight, ridged ramps used to give your tires traction when you are stuck in ice or snow. They can stack on top of each other, and be stored in a handy water proof bag inside your vehicle. They are easy to carry and easy to use, and offer motorists a reliable means to quickly free their vehicles from ice or snow in winter. They can be produced in many different sizes to accommodate cars, trucks, as well as tractor trailers and heavy duty vehicles. The ramps will have ridged, gripping teeth or serrations for the tires to grab, giving the necessary traction to climb the ramp. They can be placed behind or in front of the tires, depending on the situation, and the motorist would simply and slowly roll forward or back to the tire cradle at the top of the ramp, and then continue down again to a point where there is sufficient traction.  

The Stuck No More Wheel Ramps will work much better than the normal methods now used in these cases of losing traction or getting stuck in ice and snow. Some people use cardboard, or lumber, but these don't work as good. They are also lightweight, stackable and easily carried in their carrying case. The Stuck No More Wheel Ramps will offer the consumer a peace of mind when traveling during wintry weather. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Stuck No More Wheel Ramps. 

The Patent Pending Stuck No More Wheel Ramps was invented by Raymond Roberts of Philadelphia, PA who said, “When you have been stuck many times in winter weather, you need an easy, convenient way to get out of these situations. My Stuck No More Wheel Ramps will be just the thing for these situations.” 

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