Strig Inc. is Launching a Kickstarter Campaign for Its Blade-Action IASTM Massage Device on April 22, 2019

The average massage device on the market today utilizes inefficient and painful techniques to treat muscle soreness. Strig, an IASTM tool, uses advanced micro-vibration and microcurrent technology, along with its ergonomic blade design, to pinpoint and treat the affected muscle to rapidly increase muscle recovery rates.

After years of research and development, Strig Inc., which was founded by a team of physical therapists, has created Strig, the optimal self-care massage device for muscle treatment, and will be launching their new product on April 22, 2019 through Kickstarter. 

Strig was designed to mimic the motion of professional-grade hand massage techniques. Crude vibrations and ball-and-hammer designs rarely provide effective long-term care. However, Strig's five-point blade design, each meant for a specific area of the entire body, allows its users to receive proper treatment for muscle strains. Some examples of areas that can be treated include: neck, shoulder, back, thigh, fingers and more.

The device also includes a small, yet powerful, micro-vibration motor that works at the most optimal rpm to accelerate muscle recovery and prevent muscle injury. Microcurrents work in tandem with the micro-vibrations to permeate through the upper layer of the skin and fat tissues to reach the deepest regions of the muscles. This allows for a more efficient and holistic treatment. 

Strig is easy to use. Press the power button to turn on, apply the Strig hypoallergenic cream onto the skin, begin massaging using a glide-action motion for 150 seconds, then press and hold the power button to turn it off. 

Strig will be available on Kickstarter starting April 22, 2019. To receive a special early bird discount for its Kickstarter campaign, visit Strig's website and sign up with an email address. Any influencers or journalists interested in receiving a sample and reviewing Strig are encouraged to submit an inquiry through Strig's website or social media pages.

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Jin Oh

Source: STRIG Inc.

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