Strictly Restaurants™ Provides Top-Tier Restaurant Accounting & Consulting Services to Save Restaurants Amid Declining Recovery Nationwide

Strictly Restaurants

As restaurants struggle to keep afloat, Strictly Restaurants™ offers its top-tier accounting and consulting services to restaurants nationwide in a bid to revive one of the largest industries in the U.S. As a business support partner for many of the top restaurants in the United States, Strictly Restaurants™ and Hospitality Services has a history of successfully growing restaurants to the next level of optimum business performance. 

With years of experience and diverse business backgrounds, the Strictly Restaurants™ staff provides a blend of experience in accounting, consulting, and hospitality services. Created to maximize profitability and growth for restaurants nationwide, Strictly Restaurants™ specializes in Finance Management and Business Operations, thus offering the complete package vital in keeping restaurants alive and thriving through the pandemic and beyond. Strictly Restaurants is the client's entire back office, managing all the accounting functions from A-Z, payroll, profit and loss spreadsheets, bank reconciliations, sales taxes, daily sales, overall finance management. They provide an outside perspective from the customer's point of view, which can be lost when someone is involved in a business day to day. Strictly Restaurants step back to look at the overall industry with a sharp lens. The company also has a strong team of professionals with many skills.

"Whether you're looking to make a profit, increase your customer base, or take your restaurant to the next level of successful management, Strictly Restaurants is there for you," says Jeffrey Lavelle, President, and CEO of Strictly Restaurants. "As the pandemic continues to stall recovery among the restaurant industry, now is the time to let us help your restaurant not only keep afloat but thrive well beyond the next few months so that you can focus on running your business without having to worry about all the financial and marketing intricacies."

Clients + Partners

Strictly Restaurants™ and Hospitality Services is the business support partner for many of the top restaurants in the U.S. from coast to coast. Their impressive portfolio of clients is comprised of Michelin Star Restaurants, fine dining, casual style dining, and fast food. For a list, go to

About Strictly Restaurants™

The philosophy of Strictly Restaurants™ is to build long-standing, trusting relationships with their clients. They seek to offer more than just the "facts and figures" and strive to treat every client with the individualized attention they deserve. With years of experience and a diverse variety of business backgrounds, Strictly Restaurant's staff brings a unique blend of experience to accounting, consulting, and restaurant marketing services. During the business consulting process, they will help you clarify your financial goals and objectives and create a plan that will enable you to rise to the next level of business performance. Year after year, Strictly Restaurants remain one of the top restaurant accounting businesses, as evidenced by their countless professional referrals and client testimonials.

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