Street Soccer USA and VICTURY Sports Team Up to Support Youth Through Soccer

Helping fulfill dreams and cultivate positivity in a time of unrest.

Street Soccer USA Soccer Tournament

In 2009, brothers Lawrence Cann and Rob Cann had a dream. In 2015, brothers Joe Burke and John Burke had one as well. Both sets of brothers held a long-standing passion for soccer, but their ultimate vision was to help develop and train future players regardless of background or financial position and to help instill personal life skills; without limits. 

The Cann brothers head up Street Soccer USA (, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer. The Burke brothers created VICTURY Sports (, with a mission to give kids every opportunity, every day, to train, perfect, and dominate in sports and life. 

In 2020, Monika Bik, Director of Global Partnerships & Marketing at VICTURY Sports, saw the opportunity to bring these two organizations together to bring the dreams of these brothers to life. Monika envisioned better serving our communities and fostering meaningful and long-term change through soccer.

To help tackle these issues, VICTURY Sports has reached out to Street Soccer USA because of their pure intentions to impact change. “Instead of making donations as we’ve done in the past, we want to actively partner with an organization that we can work with to impact more lives and enable our youth towards success,” says Monika.

“We founded Street Soccer with the dream of all kids being able to grow and develop within the supportive context of a team. When Joe and Monika reached out and explained the values and intention of VICTURY, we knew we had found like-minded partners who would bring, passion, joy, and serious commitment to impacting the lives of our kids and their communities,” said Lawrence and Rob Cann.

Both organizations are aware of the rising costs to participate in youth soccer programs and increases in homelessness in the US. Many children in underserved communities do not have the opportunity to pursue their dream of being a soccer player or to join a soccer team. Additionally, as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of soccer programs have been shut down until further notice and children are at home unable to play, practice or train. This is where they look to make an immediate change.

For anyone that purchases the VICTURY V1 ball and completes the 1-for-1 Challenge, VICTURY Sports will donate $2 (10% of gross sales) to Street Soccer USA. Direct donations to Street Soccer can be made at their website at: For more information about the Challenge please visit:

The patented VICTURY V1 soccer training ball allows kids of all ages to play soccer in the house without damaging windows, walls, or leaving a bruise. The ball has received numerous awards and accolades including being named “Top 12 Best” by, Top Toy at the 2018 New York International Toy Fair, featured on LA morning TV Shows and gaining over a million views on Tik Tok. VICTURY has already taken hold in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and seven more global markets announcing in 2020.

About Street Soccer USA

Street Soccer USA is a social enterprise with revenue-generating leagues and tournaments that leverage private donors and corporate responsibility donations to fund in-school, after school, community-based club, and adult programs that improve the future of youth and young adults. Street Soccer introduces and builds the grassroots capacity of soccer in urban areas with the goal of transferring life skills and creating a social safety net in the community for our participants. Our methodology of soccer instruction is informed by years of research and development in the field by others and informed by our own experience and expertise.



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