StrategyDriven Enterprises Launches an Online Corrective Action Program Forum

StrategyDriven Enterprises launched an online corrective action program forum; providing leaders access to decades of first-hand experience in programmatically resolving their organization's most pressing issues.

​StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC announced the launch of an online Corrective Action Program Forum; providing innovative thought leadership and collaboration opportunities to help executives and managers programmatically drive the resolution of their business issues.

Corrective action programs encompass the identification, reporting, evaluation, resolution, and trending of an organization’s issues and work requests.  Effective program execution ensures timely resolution of a business’s most pressing issues while fostering a high level of individual and organizational accountability.

StrategyDriven's recommended practices enhance organizational alignment and accountability through thoughtful identification of corrective actions and deliberate assignment of action owners and due dates

Karen Juliano, Vice President, StrategyDriven

“For a business to remain competitive, its leaders must be assured their company’s most pressing issues are resolved in an effective, efficient, and timely manner,” explains Nathan Ives, StrategyDriven’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “To help clients programmatically drive issue resolution, StrategyDriven advisors compiled their decades of corrective action program experience into a library of best practice methods and tools easily accessible from our online forum.”

StrategyDriven’s recommended practices enhance organizational alignment and accountability through thoughtful identification of corrective actions and deliberate assignment of action owners and due dates,” says Karen Juliano, StrategyDriven’s Editor-in-Chief.  “Through this greater focus on achieving the organization’s goals comes enhanced resource utilization and bottom line results.”

Contributed to by highly experienced business leaders, StrategyDriven’s online Corrective Action Program Forum provides actionable methods and tools executives and managers can use to implement and enhance key components of their corrective action program including: 

  • Identification – Personnel at all levels of the organization recognize conditions deviating from established standards and expectations, adverse trends and events, and other needs for action.
  • Reporting – Individuals identifying conditions meeting established issue and/or request reporting criteria notify the appropriate managers verbally and in writing, via condition reports, of the situation.
  • Evaluation – Qualified personnel assess each reported issue and request individually and collectively to establish its priority and identify needed corrective actions and due dates, typically documented within a work and/or service order(s).
  • Resolution – Management reviews, approves, assigns resources, and monitors response actions assigned to issue and request resolution.  Management’s actions are commonly documented on the associated work/service order(s).
  • Trending – Metrics and associated management reports provide a picture of overall performance based on tags characterizing each condition report and work/service order.

The StrategyDriven Corrective Action Program Forum’s thought leadership documents are being distributed to StrategyDriven’s clients, including some of the world’s most respected companies.  These documents are available at:

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