STRATACACHE and Scala Debut 'Scala Commerce' Retail Technology Division

Global digital solutions and retail media leader STRATACACHE today announced the debut of Scala Commerce, a retail technology focused division of Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of technology companies. Announced at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, the focus of the Scala Commerce division — based in Dayton, Ohio — will be the creation of in-store consumer self-service and service automation platforms, specific to the retail, hospitality and quick service restaurant (QSR) sectors.

The new division will result in a substantial increase in new hiring and positions for the company in Dayton. “Post pandemic, our customers still suffer from challenges with the cost, availability and reliability of labor in the retail and hospitality sector. The mission of Scala Commerce is to help consumers identify, select and transact better, with greater ease and more personalization in their retail interactions,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE and Chairman of Scala.

Scala Commerce will specialize in serving clients and prospects in: 

  • Self order kiosks. Allowing customers to find and purchase items such as food, medicine, hard goods, self order kiosks assist in any scenario where a guided, curated experience helps move shoppers faster through the selection and ordering process, while also gaining loyalty credit with their favorite QSR or retailer.
  • Self checkout. Next generation self checkout systems leverage customer loyalty identities and advanced sensor technologies (e.g. BLE, millimeter wave, computer vision and software defined radios) to help minimize retail theft. Customers understand that retail shrink impacts their costs of goods. Helping to accelerate the loyal and honest customer while tracking and counteracting the criminal helps retailers keep prices low in a time of challenging inflation. 
  • Self service kiosks. From checking into a hotel room to renting a car, Scala Self Service Kiosks help dramatically reduce the time spent waiting in line, and use advanced technology to connect known customers, their mobile devices and their identities to their service opportunity. 
  • Automated pickup. Utilizing our new Scala Pickup Window, QSRs and retailers can lock the front doors earlier, but still service customers safely and efficiently in automated, smartphone-driven pickup across both direct pickup and delivery platforms.
  • Artificial intelligence. Across all platforms, the STRATACACHE SAINT AI engine helps customers find better, more customized experiences based on their prior purchase behavior. From menu or food preferences to available hotel rooms with views or EV vs. SUVs at the airport rental, STRATACACHE AI easily helps a customer connect to their preferred item or experience with customized options, while assisting the restaurant, hotel or rental car operator to enhance revenue with available inventory that may otherwise go unused.

“The evolving customer experience in retail, quick service restaurants and hospitality is a journey. Scala Commerce will leverage extensive 30+ year global experience helping customers have better, more connected experiences — in turn, more profitable for retailers — in the new frameworks of loyalty and concierge level services delivered by increasing automation in consumer services,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. 

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