Straits Financial LLC Partners With DrawBridge to Offer Crypto Lending Program to Professional Traders

​​Straits Financial LLC (Straits) has partnered with lending provider DrawBridge Lending to offer a crypto lending program for the professional futures trader and crypto currency investor. Through Equity Trust Company and Gemini Exchange as crypto custodians, loans arranged against the crypto holdings can be used to fund your Straits Financial futures trading account.

This new offering allows for clients to trade futures and options contracts without having to liquidate their crypto holdings. By working together with these partners Straits is able to offer a very competitive program that can help traders build a diversified portfolio for hedging or speculating using the assets they already have.

“This new partnership is another example of how Straits is continuing to expand our offerings and stay at the forefront of working with traders and investors on one of the most progressive and exciting market advancements we’ve seen in years,” said Steve Petillo, Director of IB Services.

For more information or to get started clients can contact Steve Petillo via email at or by phone at 312-846-5610

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Source: Straits Financial LLC