Story Starter Art Prints and Gifts to Awaken Your Inner Storyteller- No Batteries Needed!

Addie & George just released their newest line of fun, whimsical toys - no batteries needed. Centered around storytelling and imaginative play, the line will get kids away from electronics and get them back to playful explorations.

Included in the release: the “Once Upon a Time” Story Starter Journal set with 4900+ writing prompt combinations and the option for a sticker set, keepsake tin and handmade doll or plushie buddy; three Paper Mask Kits with both printed and digital copies and a play prompt card written especially for each kit; and three Shadow Puppets kits- a Heroes, Villains and ShadowScapes Kit (coming by November 30), also with a play prompt card. 

“With electronics playing such a big part in our children’s lives, I see children, my own included, moving away from traditional play. Our products offer a return to simplicity that requires nothing but their own minds. Each product, from art prints to masks, comes with a story. One that a child can continue in written or play form. Parents can play with their child, or just bond over silly stories they can make up with our journal or art prints.” says owner and illustrator Carey Bunker.

To order, visit For pictures, or more information, please contact Carey Bunker at

About Addie & George: Addie & George is a one-of-a-kind play-based company featuring Story Starter art prints and gift company located in central Vermont. Created around two characters born from the illustrator’s imagination, siblings Addie and George and their friends encourage children to get in touch with their inner storytellers and use those stories for play.

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About Addie & George

Story Starter Art Prints and Gifts to Awaken Your Inner Storyteller- No batteries needed!

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