StormForge Announces Optimize Live ML-Powered Resource Optimization for Kubernetes on Amazon EKS Add-Ons

Integration allows customers to quickly right-size resources, improving ROI on managed Kubernetes clusters on AWS

StormForge Optimize Live available as Amazon EKS Add Ons

StormForge, a leading provider of Kubernetes resource optimization solutions, is excited to announce the availability of Optimize Live as an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) add-on. This integration enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to effortlessly enhance their Kubernetes clusters with cutting-edge resource optimization technology, further advancing their container orchestration capabilities.

Kubernetes has become the go-to platform for container orchestration, offering flexibility and scalability. Efficiently managing resources within Kubernetes clusters can be a complex and time-consuming task as organizations mature beyond day 1 implementation initiatives. 

With the Optimize Live Add On by StormForge deployed, Optimize Live will continuously monitor resource utilization and use machine learning (ML) to recommend and deploy optimal configurations keeping applications rightsized automatically and continuously.

Key features and benefits of Optimize Live via Amazon EKS add-ons:

  1. Seamless Integration: With Optimize Live as an Amazon EKS add-on, AWS customers can easily integrate advanced resource optimization capabilities into their Kubernetes clusters through the Amazon EKS control panel user interface and API.
  2. Automated Optimization: Optimize Live leverages ML and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms to continuously analyze and optimize resource allocation by setting optimal requests and limits alongside the HPA, ensuring that Kubernetes workloads run at peak efficiency while minimizing costs, day 2 and beyond.
  3. Cost Reduction: By optimizing resource utilization, AWS customers can reduce their cloud infrastructure costs while maintaining optimal application performance.
  4. Improved Performance: Optimize Live identifies and mitigates resource bottlenecks, improving the overall performance and stability of Kubernetes applications.
  5. Comprehensive Insights: Gain deep insights into resource utilization, performance, and resource savings through the intuitive Optimize Live dashboard.
  6. Scalability: Optimize Live can effortlessly scale with your Kubernetes workloads, ensuring optimization remains consistent as your infrastructure grows.

"The ML that StormForge leverages to set these requests and limits on the pods allows our engineering and SRE teams to focus on our customer experience rather than infrastructure settings. The reduced toil allowing for increased focus on our customers has been just as impactful as the dollars saved," said Ed Brennan, Chief Architect, Acquia.

To get started with Optimize Live via an Amazon EKS add-on, visit AWS Marketplace or the StormForge website to begin a 30-day free trial.

For more information about how to deploy Optimize Live with Karpenter please reference the StormForge blog.

About StormForge

StormForge is a leading provider of Kubernetes resource optimization solutions. Our mission is to help organizations maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their containerized workloads. With Optimize Live, StormForge leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time Kubernetes resource optimization, enabling organizations to run their applications more efficiently and cost-effectively. To learn more about StormForge and Optimize Live, visit

Source: StormForge