Storied Collection Unveils New Lead Sharing Program to Strengthen Historic Estates Network

Storied Collection member estates work together to drive better guest experiences and drive additional bookings.

Storied Collection Members Retreat

Storied Collection, the esteemed consortium of privately hired estates in the UK and Ireland, today announced the launch of an innovative Lead Sharing Program, aimed at fostering collaboration and mutual growth among its members. This groundbreaking initiative is set to revolutionize the way historic estates such as Dunskey Estate in Scotland and Gilmerton House in Athelstaneford, Scotland, operate within the luxury rental market.

The program, embodying the mantra "strength in numbers," encourages member estates to share leads and referrals, thus maximizing occupancy rates and revenue potential. This collaborative approach not only benefits individual properties but also strengthens the collective brand of Storied Collection.

Dunskey Estate, a 25-bedroom Edwardian estate in Portpatrick, and Gilmerton House, a luxurious Georgian manor near Edinburgh, both inaugural Storied Collection members, are at the forefront of this initiative. These estates serve as exemplary models of how collaboration can enhance the visibility and appeal of historic properties, offering unique experiences to guests seeking luxury, history, and exclusivity.

Anne Tristine Nguyen, owner of Dunskey Estate, says, “There are only so many high-quality estates across the UK and Ireland. Because we can all only take one booking at a time, it makes sense to introduce our fellow Storied Collection members, when appropriate for the client, to ensure they have a great experience. This provides not only immense value for the estates in Storied Collection, but also the travelers that are seeking out these truly unique stays."

"The Storied Collection's Lead Sharing Program weaves a new thread of collaboration, uniting historic estates like Gilmerton House and others in the collection in a shared vision of excellence. By joining forces, we not only enrich our individual legacies but also elevate the collective essence of the group, ensuring that every guest encounter is world-class - offering history, luxury, and unparalleled hospitality," states Graham Booth, Gilmerton House.

Justin Hauge, CEO of Storied Collection, adds, “The Lead Sharing Program is expected to create a more cohesive and supportive network among the Storied Collection members, fostering a community spirit that benefits all involved. It's a step forward in ensuring the preservation and success of these treasured properties, each with its own unique story and heritage.”

About Storied Collection

Storied Collection is a prestigious brand offering exclusive access to some of the most historic and luxurious privately hired estates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Each estate in the collection is carefully selected for its historical significance, unique character, and the exceptional experience it offers.

Source: Storied Collection