80 Million People Can Trace Their Heritage to Newly Formed Hotel Collection

A newly launched hotel collection is bringing history to life by compiling the most storied country estates, castles and other unique residences-turned-accommodation scattered across the United Kingdom and Ireland - and making them accessible to the U.S. market.

Storied Collection

With millions of Americans unknowingly descendants of royalty and aristocracy, Storied Collection combines modern-day amenities with period charm, as it connects travelers with historic and ancestral properties that have a unique and interesting tale to tell.

Guests of the Storied Collection will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and book a stay at the intersection of history, ancestry, and experiential travel. 

The collection includes a host of outstanding properties such as Ireland's Ashford Castle - once owned by brewery heir, Benjamin Guinness, as well as Billesley Manor, which is believed to be the location of Shakespeare's wedding to Anne Hathaway.

Other impressive hotels in the collection include Thornbury Castle, once owned by Henry VIII; the famous Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath, which is often referred to as one of the most impressive pieces of Georgian architecture in the U.K.; Great Fosters, a luxury Tudor estate in Surrey; and Grantley Hall which was once owned by Lords, Knights, and Members of Parliament. 

Storied Collection Co-Founder, Justin Hauge, commented on the launch: "Britain and Ireland are awash with historic residences-turned-hotels and many have fascinating stories to tell. Storied Collection is all about bringing people closer to history. The experience of staying in properties steeped in stories of the past are memories that stick with travelers for lifetimes."

He continued: "One of the most exciting and unique aspects of Storied is that so many people have a lineage that traces back to the owners and residents of these very properties, including my co-founder, Michael. We estimate north of 80 Million people can trace their heritage to a Storied property. By staying with us, many guests will be tracing their forebears' footsteps. The stories from guests we've already heard leave us inspired and wanting to bring this experience to the widest audience imaginable."

Storied Collection currently consists of 28 properties with a combined age of 11,291 years.

The concept was forged by hospitality veterans Justin Hauge and Michael Goldin—two highly reputable names in the industry with a wealth of experience between them. The collection is also supported by seasoned hospitality executives from Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Airbnb, and Design Hotels rounding out the well-storied advisory team.

For further information on Storied Collection and to book, please visit: https://storiedcollection.com/.

Source: Storied Collection