STORH Equity Platform Partners With PHENYX on a Unique Marketing Mission for Renewable Energy


Sustainable Technology and Resource Holdings (STORH) is one of the very first blockchain enabled companies in the world that fully realizes the potential of the renewable energy industry, and also chooses to capitalize on it. With a team of experts that boasts commendable career accomplishments within the industry and combines 100+ years of collective experience, STORH is able to provide highly effective tokenized investment opportunities backed by highly profitable mineral resource, technology and sustainable energy projects. 

The company has now partnered up with PHENYX, a digital marketing agency delivering premier services to clients in many industries. Based in Longmont, Colorado, PHENYX is enthusiastic about green energy and giving back to the world. Together, the two companies aim to create awe-inspiring marketing content that will spread the message of renewable energy and its investment benefits to a large demographic. 

Charity Mullins, President of PHENYX addressed the matter as follows “Colorado is a highly environmentally aware and green-friendly state and we here at PHENYX carry the same motto. The work being done by STORH is extremely significant. They are bringing much needed stakeholder attention towards the sustainable energy sector, thus ensuring a bright future for our planet. We are more than happy to be partnering with STORH as our team is fully galvanized to spread STORH’s message to a large audience.”

Having created a diverse portfolio of income producing assets in the ever-developing energy sector, STORH is able to tokenize said assets using the Ethereum blockchain. One of the company’s projects is their renowned Pyrolysis machine that uses a “plastic to fuel” process to create renewable energy. With a strong focus on sustainable cash flow, the company is able to offer easy liquidity to investors in a market that still remains predominantly illiquid. 

Ryan Messer, CEO of STORH made an official press statement to discuss the company’s work and announce their collaboration with PHENYX “Here at STORH, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to ensure that the future of the energy industry is beneficial not only to our stakeholders but also to the industry itself. We have created a carefully calibrated system that gives our investors proven results, while allowing us to contribute to the growth and development of our sustainable energy and natural resource projects.”

He further added, “We are now extremely ecstatic to announce our collaboration with PHENYX. Having found a company that resonates with our message and understands the integrity behind what we do is amazing. We want to take our stakeholders to new plains of success while we accomplish great things for the energy industry with our highly practical and wealth-generating projects. Because of PHENYX, we will now be able to make a bigger impact than ever before.”

More details about STORH and their unique investment opportunities can be seen on their official business website at The official PHENYX website can be seen at

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