Storage Arrays and Hyperconvergence for Private Cloud Are on a Death Watch

Silicon Valley start-up, Datrium with the industry's first-ever open convergence technology has converged application infrastructure and cloud data management with its new rackscale technology, putting traditional storage arrays and HCI on death watch.

Storage Arrays and Hyperconvergence for Private Cloud Are on a Death Watch

Datrium announces today why traditional storage arrays and hyperconvergence (HCI) are dying: datacenters without big drawbacks. Datrium, in response to not-so-great options, is offering infrastructure customers a viable alternative that makes private cloud infrastructure even simpler and more effortless than ever. Datrium’s open converged infrastructure works to speed up hybrid and private cloud infrastructure deployments while simplifying end-to-end administration. In fact, customers can now run and protect primary virtual machine-based workloads on a single platform, eliminating the need to buy multiple, separate platforms. 

Brian Biles, CEO of Datrium wrote in his recent blog “Is HCI Dead?”: “We know both arrays and HCI have problems. We also know that when people don’t receive what [they] promised to deliver, they go looking for better products.”

Life use to be simple
As CEO Brian Biles explained in his recent blog, “Life for storage used to be simple — there was Hyperconvergence (HCI) and Arrays. Arrays kept all RAID and storage off-host, across a fabric. As workloads grew with new hosts, IO service bandwidth supply shrank in proportion and special hardware was okay. On the other hand, hyperconvergence was like Hadoop where it put storage on standard compute servers. IO service bandwidth grew automatically with hosts and there was no special hardware.” Since then, the lines have been blurred about what is hyperconverged and what is not. It has also become increasingly clear that its value diminishes at rack-scale.

The proof is with customers
Recent new Datrium customer, San Luis Coastal Unified School District (SLCUSD) and Altair Global show both the allure of Datrium’s open convergence technology and that traditional storage arrays and/or HCI are not sufficient.  


Datrium is the leader in Open Convergence for private clouds. Datrium converges storage and computing in a radical new way — modeled on public cloud IaaS versus traditional converged infrastructure or hyperconvergence for vastly simpler performance and predictability. For more information, visit

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