Stop Animal ViolencE Launches Campaign to SAVE Havasu Horses

Hundreds of horses are being neglected, some beaten and abused in the Grand Canyon. SAVE Havasu launches a campaign to boycott their use and raise public awareness to elucidate the link between animal violence and child abuse and to reduce the violence against these defenseless creatures.

Known as the Garden of Eden in the desert, Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon boasts more than 20,000 visitors from around the world annually. Of those, many will utilize pack animals to take gear in and out of the canyon. SAVE (Stop Animal ViolencE) Foundation has launched an aggressive campaign “SAVE Havasu” promoting public awareness of the ongoing violence, from physical abuse and starvation, to overworking and withholding of water, suffered by these pack horses and mules. Susan Ash, co-founder of SAVE, noted that, “Havasu Canyon is a death camp for these pack animals and we refuse to pretend otherwise… and where there is violence against animals, there is also violence against children and vulnerable adults.”

The SAVE Havasu Campaign ( features tourism and campground information to help people navigate their trip. However, the website also invites readers to uncover the ‘Secret of Havasu Falls” wherein they can read about first-hand documented accounts of egregious animal torture and abuse. “There are so many reports of witnessed abuse and violence against these animals that we can only imagine what’s going on when no one is looking,” Ash continued.  

"While this extreme violence has been observed and documented for decades, few have stepped up to intercede on behalf of the animals."

Susan Ash


The intent of the SAVE Havasu Campaign is to raise media and public awareness and to encourage tourists to boycott the use of all pack animals until minimum standards of care, written by concerned veterinarians who volunteer with SAVE, are implemented. This abuse must cease, and all the animals must be restored to health and treated with dignity. “While this extreme violence has been observed and documented for decades, few have stepped up to intercede on behalf of the animals,” said Ash. “It’s long past time for this systemic violence to stop.”​

Source: Stop Animal ViolencE (SAVE) Foundation


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Susa Ash
Co-Founder, SAVE Foundation, Stop Animal ViolencE (SAVE) Foundation