Features Legendary Chartist Ralph Acampora in First Original Documentary Short '50 Years on Wall Street'

50 Years on Wall Street has announced the release of the original documentary 50 Years on Wall Street. The short feature, centered on veteran technical analyst Ralph Acampora, CMT, will premiere on StockCharts TV at 12:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

One of the most widely respected technicians on Wall Street, Acampora has been recognized as a leading figure in the development of market analytics for decades. Regarded as the "Godfather of Technical Analysis," Acampora is currently an instructor at the New York Institute of Finance and a Senior Managing Director at Altaira Ltd. He is a founding member of the CMT Association and a former director of technical analysis for Prudential Securities. He has been featured by many major business networks and news publications, including CNBC, Barron's, Business Insider, Forbes, MarketWatch and more.

50 Years on Wall Street details a meeting between Acampora and David Keller, CMT, Chief Market Strategist at, at Acampora's barn in Minnesota. That barn, as previously detailed in a popular 2017 story by The Wall Street Journal, was painted by Acampora himself to illustrate the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. StockCharts' new documentary presents an up-close look at the barn, framed around a conversation between the two regarding Acampora's many decades as a market analyst.

"Ralph has been a mentor and supporter of so many of us in the financial industry," Keller said. "It was a pleasure to hear him reflect on his successful career on Wall Street and a joy to share a piece of that with our StockCharts TV viewers."

Crafted by StockCharts TV's Creative Director Gretchen Pitluk and Graphic Designer Aaron Seltzer, 50 Years on Wall Street marks a milestone as the studio's first original documentary production. As a tribute to Ralph Acampora and his lifetime of work, the company is slated to showcase the documentary at upcoming conferences, conventions and other presentations throughout 2020.

50 Years on Wall Street will be available to view live and in re-runs on StockCharts TV and on-demand at the StockCharts YouTube channel at

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