Stevens and Goldwyn, P.A. Discuss How Homeowner Association Attorneys Help Communities Succeed

Legal representation is important, especially regarding residential matters, suggests Stevens & Goldwyn, P.A., a Fort Lauderdale-based residential law firm. Homeowner associations typically manage several moving parts at once, and they are instrumental in preventing organizational conflicts before they begin.

Homeowner associations are helpful in facilitating the day to day operation of a residential community. Often times, disputes arise among community members that have competing visions of how the annual budget should be utilized or which improvement projects should be prioritized. An HOA attorney can help mitigate longer-term budget shortfalls as well as anticipate difficulties that arise.

​How Do Attorneys Help Homeowner Associations?

Attorneys can help organizations enforce their rules and bylaws, helping communities maintain owner compliance and helping operations run more efficiently. Attorneys also help manage disputes among vendors and contractors; they can prepare or amend legal documents and help negotiate resolutions when there are disputes.

Real estate attorneys can also help draft a community's homeowners association declaration which contains basic governing rules that will be implemented in the community.

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