Stephen Shaya, M.D. Speaks on Purpose, Possibility, and the Future of Healthcare

Stephen Shaya, M.D., recently spoke at the SMU + GSV Mission Summit on The Future of Healthcare in a fireside chat format with Michael Moe, Founder and CEO of GSV. The event focused on accelerating ideas that bring together purpose and profit, with healthcare as a prime example. 

As a healthcare expert and executive, Dr. Shaya discussed the opportunities for elevating humanity through affordable and accessible healthcare for all. He emphasized the importance of integrating new technologies such as gadgets, mobile apps, and many other prospective disruptive solutions into the delivery of care. 

Dr. Shaya further highlighted the tremendous breakthroughs in healthcare due to rapid technological advances. These include personalized medicine powered by genomics and big data, as well as the increasing role of artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment. Healthcare is poised to become more effective, affordable, and accessible worldwide than ever before. However, numerous challenges still exist, including the rising cost of healthcare and the shortage of medical professionals globally. 

As a mission-driven entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Shaya believes that intertwining purpose and profit can create innovative solutions for improving health outcomes and driving social impact that fills gaps in care. He has seen the power of providing care to those most in need and how it builds bridges across religious, political, and socioeconomic divides. 

Dr. Shaya is the Executive Servant leader of J&B Medical, a healthcare company that combines innovation and clinical expertise to improve patient outcomes. "J&B Medical is not just a business; it's a legacy of purpose and possibilities. We believe in planting seeds of compassion, integrity, and excellence and nurturing them with hard work, persistence, and innovation. Our mission is to provide affordable and high-quality healthcare to as many people as possible and to continue to improve clinical outcomes through cutting-edge technology, research, and partnerships." Dr. Shaya said. "We are farmers, not hunters, and we sow the seeds of a better tomorrow for our families, communities, and the world. As we carry on the legacy of my late father, Dr. Fawzi Shaya, we honor his memory, vision, and passion for doing the right thing, no matter what. With every patient we serve, every provider we partner with, and every employee we hire, we strive to make a difference that matters and to make a life, not just a living." 

Speaking at the SMU + GSV Mission Summit allowed Dr. Shaya to share his experience, knowledge, and vision for elevating healthcare to new heights. He hopes to inspire others to join the mission of creating innovative solutions that improve health outcomes and drive social impact, ultimately putting the human back in humanity. 

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Source: SMU + GSV Mission Summit